British celebrity chef Vivek Singh has long created some of London’s most innovative, gourmet Indian food – for over 20 years, to be precise.

In March 2021, The Cinnamon Club marked its 20th birthday not with a party (sigh) but the next best thing: a stonkingly huge, very special meal kit. Loyal customers and new fans are celebrating from the comfort of their own kitchens, as Singh’s talented team make it effortless to enjoy their beloved flavours. Check out what we thought of the box…

What is it? 

Priced at £160 for 2 people (including delivery charges) The Cinnamon Club’s 20th Anniversary Meal Kit comprises more food than a couple could possibly hope to eat in one sitting (yay!).

Every effort has been made to make sure you get the full experience of visiting The Cinnamon Club, without actually having to visit The Cinnamon Club – perfect for those who don’t live in the capital, or aren’t quite ready to head into the big, wide world just yet.

You’ll start with canapés and appetisers, followed by a starter, then a fish course, main courses (yes, main courses, plural) and dessert. Phew.

Can they deliver to me?

It depends where you are, but probably yes as UK-wide delivery is available.

So, what’s in the box?

A lot of incredible food. Like, a lot, a lot. Start this evening very hungry. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Bengali beetroot cake, kasundi ketchup
Pithod – chickpea gnocchi, tomato chutney

Cured salmon carpaccio jhal muri

Sandalwood flavoured tandoori chicken breast, coriander chutney, onion raita

Fish Course
Tandoori spiced grilled king prawn, curried yoghurt

Main Courses
Tamarind glazed seared duck breast, Hyderabadi salan, pumpkin chutney, peanut crumble
Milk-fed lamb leg ‘Raan’ with nutmeg & peppercorn sauce
24 hour cooked black lentils
Biryani rice
Saffron sheermal bread

Mango shrikhand
Rasmalai sauce, gulab jamun, pistachio
Cinnamon Club Petit Fours

Yep. We really weren’t exaggerating.

Sounds great… What will I need?

  • Something to drink while you prep. We started the evening with a delicate pale gold sparkling Brut from the Tinwood Estate – super fresh and light.
  • Some baking trays, two clear glasses or bowls, a glazing brush (for spreading honey over the Sheermal bread before grilling) and a saucepan.
  • Every dish is delightfully straightforward, coming with its own set of instructions marked in running order. A step-by-step guide explains how to heat up, boil or cook each dish in the oven . Most dishes need to be cooked at the same temperature, so you can shove them all in at the same time – hoorah!
  • An empty stomach. Seriously!

Best dish?

It’s tough to choose between this embarrassment of riches. From the arrival of the royal blue box stamped with The Cinnamon Club’s unmistakeable branding, to sitting down at the table surrounded by a rainbow of treats, the entire experience is a delight. Plates take turns being indulgently creamy, delightfully tangy or lightly spiced in that way now synonymous with Singh’s deft recipes.

We adored the Bengali beetroot cake, its texture at once thick, and light – and literally fought for the last bite of the tamarind glazed seared duck breast. The phrase ‘melt in the mouth’ was made for the milk-fed lamb leg raan, so tender it fell apart upon serving.

Desserts deserve a special mention, coming complete with their own piping bags. It’s super fun to get creative and make the dish yourself after a few wines, oozing Rasmalai sauce and mango into the prettiest vessel you can find.

With Father’s Day coming up (and a brand new Father’s Day box created specially for the occasion) we can’t recommend this at-home experience enough – super memorable, lots of fun, and utterly delicious at every step.

Order a Cinnamon Collection Feast Box now!

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