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We’ve been through lockdown and we’re nearly out the other side. Go us. Dating probably hasn’t been your top priority over the past few months, and that’s fair enough. But now things are well on their way to normality, Inner Circle is challenging you to up your dating game, while at the same time, upping theirs. 

Why should dating be the same as pre-pandemic? It doesn’t have to be, and actually that’s not a bad thing. The past few years ghosting, catfishing, and breadcrumbing (yes, it’s a thing) have been consistently on the rise, but Inner Circle have found this could be in the past, as people look to make more meaningful and serious connections with one another. Their recent survey suggested this at least.

With people spending more time perfecting their profiles, while increasingly matching and swiping, it seems that a mutual respect among daters has become more apparent as people look to apps to help socialise during the pandemic. Combined with this, is the fact that people are more keen than ever to make meaningful connections. Single people, this is your time. 

So with people dating again, it’s time to up your game. You need a well filled in profile, with a high-quality picture of you looking great. It’s an obvious place to start, but not enough people realise how important this first stage is. Now, when it comes to your date game there are a few simple rules. Don’t kick off a conversation with something boring like ‘hi’, match with people you actually like the look of, don’t ghost people, and just be yourself. You really can’t go wrong. 

If you don’t know Inner Circle, it’s the dating app that’s for singles that are serious about dating. It ensures a quality experience through a team of experts who search the app for fakes, catfish and scammers, keeping users safe from bad experiences. The app is best known for it’s events, festivals, and parties, and although these are on hold right now, this app certainly isn’t. They’ve recently had a new look, a new logo, and a whole new app. Why? If they want you to up your game, they should too. 

With offline meet-ups now finally allowed (at a distance), it’s time to start dating again. Single people, it just got serious. Sign up to Inner Circle here.

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