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One of the (few) good things about lockdown is that it has given us ample opportunity to take stock on how we live our lives. Where we buy our food (the local bakery now), how much plastic is in our bathrooms (too much), and how many chemicals are in our make-up bags (we dread to think).

More time at home, means more time to think and explore, and read the labels on your beauty products. To help us make this transition into better living, we’ve turned to natural skincare brand Malée for some pointers. Malée, a beauty brand with purpose, uses only 100% natural active ingredients, with naturally occurring elements from plants, fruits and oils found in Africa. The brand also uses minimal packaging to reduce its carbon footprint, leading the way in sustainable beauty and helping us make the right choices.

Bin the plastic

The natural skincare brand Malée (pronounced Mah-lay) was brought to life in 2009 by passionate entrepreneur Zeze. Based in South Africa, each cream and serum has been made with love and care by combining nature and science to bring formulas that work, but are also good to the planet.

This is why you won’t find any microbeads or microscopic plastics in any of the products. Microbeads were banned in the UK back in 2018, after it was revealed that around 680 tonnes of microbeads were used in cosmetic products every year in the UK, and were ending up in the ocean and harming natural habitats.

Malée uses only 100% natural active ingredients, free from mineral oils, animal-derived ingredients, harmful parabens and silicones.

Source natural ingredients

You wouldn’t put chemicals in the soup you make or the bread you bake, so why would you put it in the products you use on your skin?

Malée uses only 100% natural active ingredients. Each formula is free from mineral oils, animal-derived ingredients, harmful parabens and silicones.

What’s more Malée shares its beauty secrets for complete transparency. By knowing the origin of the natural active ingredients, you can make the best choices for your skin. There are no confusing chemical names or scientific jargon, just honest to goodness ingredients as nature intended.

Take the Verdure body cream for example. This product contains extracts from naturally occurring plants, fruits and oils found in Africa, including Cera Alba (also known as white beeswax), avocado oil (high in Vitamin A, B and D), sweet almond oil (high in Vitamin A, B1, B2 and B6), wheat germ oil (high in Vitamin E), shea butter (Butyrosperum parkii butter) and Olea Europaea olive fruit oil (rich in essential fatty acids).

As well as all of this, Malée never tests on animals. You can be safe in the knowledge that the ingredients are sustainably sourced and cruelty-free.

Choose products that are manufactured sustainably

There’s so much waste in the world, it’s important not to contribute to the ever growing piles of rubbish in landfill and increasing CO2 emissions. Malée leads by example when it comes to sustainability, working to produce planet-friendly products to some of the world’s leading retailers and hotels such as Harvey Nichols, The Hut Group, South African Airways, and Singita Game reserves.

By working with local suppliers and local communities, Malée is able to reduce its carbon footprint within the supply chain. They also use state-of-the-art initiatives, such as cold-press manufacturing methods, to reduce energy consumption during the production process. As well as this, all of the packaging follows the principles of ‘reduce, re-use and recycle’, using a minimalist design and is all fully recyclable.

Clean beauty also means not bulking up formulas with unnecessary ingredients. Each Malée jar, tub and bottle contains only what your skin needs to get the results you want. The formulas are made from a careful selection of potent botanicals in high concentrations that are scientifically proven to heal, soothe and pamper the skin.

Founder Zeze checking the manufacturing processes in South Africa

By working with local suppliers and local communities, Malée is able to reduce its carbon footprint.

Support local business

Swapping supermarkets with local independent shops is one way to shop sustainably, and Malée does this on a grand scale. All Malée products are made with ingredients from sustainable farming sources.

All the products are made and sourced locally, helping to support local livelihoods and the economy. While supporting local practices, Malée also complies with the global standards of good manufacturing practices (they have a SABS registration and ISO 9001:2015 compliant facilities for those in the know…). So you can be rest assured that each moisturiser and exfoliating cream ticks every box.

Give back

Each purchase of a Malée product helps educate a child. The skincare brand is a proud partner of Ripple Reading, a registered non-profit company that focuses on literacy and leadership development of children within disadvantaged communities.

Malée helps to provide financial assistance and mentorship to help build the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders. As well as supporting individual students through education, the funds also go into improving and sourcing better facilities and learning materials. 

This is beauty and skincare with real purpose – something to think about the next time you’re looking to stock up your bathroom cabinet.


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