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Most parents are on their knees by day two of half term childcare. Not only is it completely exhausting turning your sitting room into a soft play area, or attempting to agree a curfew with a teenager, but for so many parents it’s a reminder that the world children are growing up in is completely different.

Anyone with children will be acutely aware that the world is changing faster than most of us would like. While it used to be every child’s dream to be an astronaut, a doctor or a fighter pilot, kids today yearn to be influencers. Firemen, doctors and even footballers have been replaced by YouTubers and TikTokers as career inspirations. Parents’ natural response to the idea of making a living via social media platforms can be one of suspicion, with over a third of parents not believing it’s ‘real job’ and 36% admitting to not even knowing what a ‘content creator’ even is. This is what recent research by NERF found, despite over half (56%) of parents admitting that their child has expressed an interest in content creation!

But rather than putting heads in the sand, NERF (the kids’ action brand) is encouraging parents to embrace their childrens ambitions about the possibilities of a career in content creation, with the arrival of NERF Upload.

NERF Upload is a free digital event that will help aspiring bloggers, and their parents, learn first-hand what it takes to be a ‘content creator’, with the aim of showcasing the genuine skill, creativity, and fun that can be had from pursuing this career path.

Aimed at arming kids with the basic skills to become YouTube sensations, including Morgz, AJ Shabeel and Sharky, will be dishing out tips for kids and parents, as well as showing how to shoot and edit content from a smartphone.  

Whether they go on to be a YouTube sensation or not, there’s plenty of skills to be learned from creating content, so sign up today to give the young, aspiring content creator in your family their very first taste. 

Whether they go on to be a YouTube sensation or not, there’s plenty of skills to be learned...

The Masterclass will see virtual attendees and their parents, children aged between six and sixteen (and parents or carers of any age!) invited to four NERF-themed workshops. The manufacturers of the popular ‘blasters’ are an ideal partner, immensely popular with children (and, let’s be honest, parents too!) they are also regularly featured in online videos watched millions of times.

The online classes, which are bound to captivate, will include how to master the ultimate unboxing (a YouTube classic) and also cover how to set up, how to film and how to edit the perfect shot. And with lots of NERF blasting along the way, and goodies available to attendees, there’s a serious side to the events as well.

The skills needed to be a successful YouTuber are vital lifeskills in a digital world...

The skills needed to be a successful YouTuber are vital lifeskills in a digital world. According to Morgz, who has over 11.7 million YouTube subscribers, ‘There is a misconception in the amount of time, effort and the numerous transferable skills creators have developed to create engaging and high-quality content. I’m thrilled to work with NERF to help inspire and support kids’ ambitions, and most of all, allow them to explore and have fun just like I have over the years’

And here parents are likely to agree, at least. The potential benefits of YouTubing include improving children’s confidence (according to research by NERF 51% of parents agree), communications skills (49%), photography (32%), design and creativity (49%) and  production and editing (49%).

NERF has always been a tool for imagination...

Speaking on behalf of NERF, Hasbro’s Marketing Director Anne Leonhardi commented “We are thrilled to arm kids with the vital transferable skills needed to follow their childhood ambitions of becoming content creators. NERF has always been a tool for imagination and this campaign highlights that in 2021 this is no different”

The digital event, just in time for half term, takes place on Saturday 30th October between 10am and 11am and is the perfect introduction into the world of YouTubing for parents, children and teens alike. It also promises to be a lot of fun (it has NERF blasters, how could it not be?) and offers a perfect and informal place to get to grips both with the creative skills that YouTubing offers as well as answering parents’ questions and addressing common misconceptions.

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