There’s a whole plethora of dating apps out there. From ones that match you because of your love of dogs or others that match you with friends of friends. There’s even mainstream apps that focus purely on looks, which might be fine if you’re not that serious about actually finding a partner. 

As Londoners ourselves, we know how busy life can get. If you’re not working late then you’ve got dinner plans with friends or you’re heading to the next new exhibition. Finding time to squeeze in dating can be a challenge, so using a more niche dating app will actually do you a favour. It’ll help reduce time wasted on apps that at best entertain you with a couple of hours swiping.

Introducing Inner Circle, the dating app for ambitious, busy people who are serious about dating. It’s the dating app that lives by the mantra of ‘daring to date better’, throwing out the rule book to bring you an experience that’s a cut above the rest. Here’s how:

Events that mean you don’t have to swipe

Every month there’s a party in London full of like minded, single people. The idea being is you can spend one night just meeting as many singles as possible. If finding time for multiple dates is something you struggle with, this is for you. 

Plus they’re renowned for being like any good party. DJs, drinks, food… the only difference is everyone is single.

No empty profiles, fakes, or time wasters

Everyone is just like you on this app. Scammers are blocked, and lazy people who don’t fill out their profile with enough details are turned away at the door. There’s a team of real people who do this, even searching the app for people who might have bad intentions. 

The idea is you’re not at risk of having your time wasted.

It feels like a social network

Swipe if you want. But if you don’t there’s an option to view a wall of single people. Plus, you can create a status-like post suggesting a spontaneous date. If that wasn’t convenient enough, there’s a Lonely Planet style list of date spots to help you plan your next night out. If you search for your favourite bar, you can also see who else likes to visit. You may as well just message and meet them there, right?

Dating apps aren’t for everyone, and that’s cool. But if you’re single and looking to find the right person, this could just be the app for you.

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