When it comes to luxury hotels, Mondrian is one of the best brands in the business. London’s own outlet was located on the Southbank before the building was rebranded several years ago. Now, Shoreditch is the new site for the Mondrian- and it’s getting a fantastic new restaurant and bar.

Laurel’s On The Roof will be located, fittingly, on the roof of the hotel, and promises to be the most laid back restaurant and bar in the capital, an all-day drinking and dining hotspot with glamour and style at its heart.

Laurel’s is inspired by 1970s California: Hollywood and West Coast escapism is the name of the game here. Its namesake is Laurel Canyon, a mountainous neighbourhood in Hollywood Hills. There’ll be a plethora of Californian inspired dishes and cocktails to choose from, from dawn until long past dusk. Everything is aimed at relaxation, from lounge seating to low hanging rattan chandeliers.

West Coast escapism is the name of the game here...

You’ll be able to sip away to the sounds of Laurel’s fab playlist, with an emphasis on funk, ambient soul and electric beats. There’s plenty of references in the music mix to some of California’s most famous musical acts like Joni Mitchell, Neil Young and Brian Wilson. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, there’ll also be live DJ sets to accompany you through the evening and really make the night electric.

Sip away to the sounds of Laurel's fab playlist...

For dining, Laurel’s wants to transport you all the way to Los Angeles with its evolving seasonal menu. For breakfast, you can indulge yourself on treats like buttermilk pancakes, bowls of granola and fruit, and perfectly creamed coffees. For the lunch and dinner menus, choose from signature dishes like Sea Bream Tacos, Malibu Shrimp Cocktail, Roasted Aubergine, ‘Half A Dozen’ Jersey Oysters, and Cobb Salad- you can really spoil yourself here.

Drinks meanwhile are an assortment of nostalgic delights served in 70s inspired glassware, with beverages like Frozen Spicy Margaritas, Japanese Garibaldis, Canyon Cobblers, Wet Gibsons and house party style magnums. Whatever your choice- the rooftop surroundings, great music and altogether chill yet fun vibe makes Laurel’s one of our most anticipated openings in London so far this year.

Laurel's is one of our most anticipated openings in London so far this year...

General Manager of Mondrian Shoreditch David Lockhart said of the new opening: “Shoreditch has always been a forward thinking neighbourhood which challenges the norm whilst always embracing the past’s retro culture. Opening Laurel’s on the Roof ahead of the height of Summer is an exciting next chapter of everything that we have already achieved at the Mondrian Shoreditch.”

Mondrian was already very appealing as a London hotel- and Laurel’s makes it even more irresistible. It’s opening hours are have breakfast starting at 7am until 11:30am, and all day dining 12pm until late. Make sure you check it out next time you’re looking for a chill evening in London.



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