A new documentary that recently dropped on Netflix has become something of a phenomenon: Girl in the Picture released on the service early in July, and has shot up to become one of the hottest releases on the platform. The true crime doc tells a creepy and disturbing story with a mystery spanning some 30 years.

Girl in the Picture takes several twists and turns during its 1 hour 45 minute runtime, and if you’re the type of person who likes to go in blind, look away now. Without revealing too many spoilers, the odd tale tells the story of Tonya Hughes, a woman who is found dead on the side of a road in Oklahoma in the early 1990s, leaving behind a son and man who claimed to be her husband. However, the story starts getting truly strange when Tonyah’s mother is contacted by the police and reveals that Tonyah had died in childhood.

As you’d imagine, the police immediately became suspicious about the true identity of the body and of Clarence, her apparent “husband”. After the son, Charlie, is taken into care and given custody to foster parents, the Clarence starts to fight them in court. It’s then found that Charlie is not in-fact his biological child. Just when it seemed everything had been resolved, Charlie is then abducted by Clarence, wielding a gun, at school, and vanishes.

The documentary continues to throw up even more twists beyond this and reveals that keeps you on the end of your seat, and poses more questions than it can answer- but it’s always enthralling, despite the disturbing nature of the events told. While the catalyst for the investigation (the finding of the body) might have occurred in 1990, the mystery stretches back into the 80s and 70s, detailing even more disturbing incidents and the backstory of Clarence and Tonya’s real identity.

It poses more questions than it can answer- but it's always enthralling...

As crime documentaries go, this one is particularly horrific, chilling and at the same time hugely intriguing, and once you’re hooked, it won’t let go. The trailer for the documentary will give more of an idea of the case and the events, and can be viewed above. Girl in the Picture is definitely one to watch in one sitting.


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