Wildly Popular OTTO Pop-Up Returns! Kitchen Royalty Unite To Cook… Pasta?

Food & Drink
12th October 2021

There are few things that I can cook with more elan and style than beans on toast. It’s my signature dish. If I’m trying to impress important guests then maybe I’ll stir in some garamasala powder or grate on some Red Leicester. On the incredibly rare occasions that I experience repeat guests, I’ll cook them pasta. Ideally with ‘red sauce’. A friend recently brandished their fork toward the light and asked ‘is this shaped like a dinosaur?’ But I suspect that Phil Howard isn’t heating up ASDA pasta shapes.

Like all the best things in life, sublime simplicity and practised perfection go hand-in-hand. Michelin-starred chef Phil Howard has taken one of the simplest dishes, fresh pasta, and raised it to the art form it deserves to be through his lockdown project OTTO. Now firmly post-lockdown and going strong, the great chef is teaming up with two further chefs and, Power Rangers style, combining forces to create the ultimate pasta pop-up for World Pasta Day.

World Pasta Day, which is up there with National Pasta Day and National Pasta Month as a made up celebration that we’ve nevertheless got eons of time for, will be celebrated by gluten addicts the globe over on 25th October.

A pop-up event that's likely to sell out in, like, minutes...

And to mark the day Theo Randall (of Theo Randall at the Intercontinental fame) and Angela Hartnett (of, frankly, Angela Hartnett fame but also the Chef Patron at Murano and CafĂ© Murano) will be teaming up with Phil Howard (Elystan Street and, obviously, OTTO) to create a special two-off (like a one off but it happens twice) pop-up event that’s likely to sell out in, like, minutes.

The last time that OTTO popped-up was earlier this year and saw the takeover at Rebecca Mascarenha’s Putney-based Flour+Water inundated with requests for tables.

Round-two, with big-guns chefs at the ready, is sure to be a hit...

So round-two, with big-guns chefs at the ready, is sure to be a hit.

The plan is to split the four course dinner into two nights, with Phil and Theo on the pans for Monday 25th October and Phil and Angela taking centre stage on Tuesday 26th.

Funds raised will also go toward Hospitality Action (they're cheffing for free)...

The dinner will include antipasti, pasta dish, main course and dessert and funds raised will also go toward Hospitality Action (they’re cheffing for free).

The pop-up promises to be excellent. Almost as good as my beans on toast or pasta animals…

To get a ticket click here. Why not order an OTTO dinner for two (they’re half price between 25th and 31st October) while you’re at it?

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