If there are two things the British love, it’s the royal family and trains. Make it three and we’d probably include Cornish pasties, but that wouldn’t work for this article. Because Prince William and Kate have just gone on tour on their private train! And, we’re all strangely mad for it.

The coronavirus pandemic has been a slog for all of us, and there have been few constants. Joe Wicks lost his appeal after about three sessions, the Boris TV show saw ratings drop after his chief advisor decided to embark on a novel ophthalmology test and we learnt that man cannot live on banana bread alone. ┬áBut throughout it all there’s been one constant, Prince William and The Artist Formally Known As Kate Middleton, and frankly they’ve been smashing it.

And so now their boss, the Queen, has sent them on tour, to rev up the spirits of the nation aboard an antique train. Which couldn’t be more British or, it turns out, successful.

The royal pair took to The Queen’s train last night, leaving from Euston Station (here’s guessing they didn’t take the Northern Line there) just as soon as ’70s pop star Shakin’ Stevens had given them a festive send off in the form of his hit single ‘Merry Christmas, Everyone’.

Pulled, perhaps appropriately enough, by a German engine...

After defacing a TFL whiteboard with a heartwarming message to thank ‘transport workers everywhere for keeping the country moving during this difficult year’ the couple jumped onto their home for the next three days, pulled, perhaps appropriately enough, by a German engine.

First thing this morning the royals awoke in Edinburgh, their first stop on this whistlestop tour of Britain (though despite being a whistlestop tour it’s unlikely they’ll be actually getting any of their meals in popular railway network takeaway Whistle Stop).

According to the palace the couple will be heading on the socially distanced tour “ahead of the Christmas holidays to pay tribute to the incredible work of individuals and organisations that have gone above and beyond in response to the coronavirus pandemic.”

The three day tour will see Wills’n’Kate “travel 1250 miles and undertake working visits, meeting frontline workers, volunteers, care home staff, teachers, schoolchildren and young people to hear about their experiences, sacrifices and the inspiring work they have done throughout this challenging year.”

It’s the first official trip they’ve taken aboard the Royal Train, and it’s the culmination of a year that’s seen their star very much in the ascendancy. Throughout the pandemic (and in stark contrast to Harry and Meghan) the Cambridges have buoyed up the nation, from staring in the BBC’s Blackadder spoof with Stephen Fry to taking part in the ‘Clap for Carers’ to being seen out and about and caring.

We with them well.

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