Win The Perfect Night’s Sleep with £150 worth of Dagsmejan Sleepwear

Do you dream of the perfect night’s sleep? An 8 hour stretch of pure uninterrupted bliss bringing it with it the opportunity to wake up feeling refreshed, well rested and ready to take on the day (without the need for that morning espresso)? Well, dream no longer because the answer has arrived!

Dagsmejan is the highly anticipated new brand that creates Swedish designed and scientifically tested sleepwear guaranteed to give the wearer a fantastic night’s sleep and set to revolutionise the sleepwear industry forever. By taking insights from high performance sportswear and adapting them to our body’s physiological sleep needs, Dagsmejan, together with leading partners from sleep research, material science and textile engineering has launched a breakthrough line of sleepwear for both men and women which offer 4 unique benefits to optimise sleep:

TEMPERATURE – The patented high-tech, lightweight and breathable natural fibres offer thermo-regulation through the night.
SWEAT – Moisture-wicking zones have been added to help keep you dry and comfortable.
FIT – The 4-way stretch enhances fit and offers a natural range of movement.
COMFORT – No tags and flat ergonomic seams ensure a non-friction, no-rub experience.

Dagsmejan is leading a functional revolution and aiming to improve quality of sleep for the population at large. To see the full collection, please visit

The winner will receive a Dagsmejan night dress in the size and colour of their choice plus a gift card (combined total £150).

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