Moonbird competition

Closes 11th October 2023

What: The Handbook has teamed up with Moonbird to offer one lucky reader the chance to win the best wellness gift of 2023- a Moondbird breathing device.

Moonbird is the world’s first tactile breathing coach that fits in the palm of the hand and guides people suffering from stress, anxiety or insomnia through calming breathing exercises. The device expands and contracts to intuitively guide you to breathe slower, like a small bird breathing in your hand. Use moonbird when you feel the need to take a moment for yourself, to ease your thoughts, to relax your body or to fall asleep more quickly. Additionally, moonbird measures your heart rate, HRV and coherence via the app, and gives live biofeedback about the positive effects of slow breathing on the body.  

Tried and tested by our team, Moonbird gets The Handbook’s seal of approval!
“This nifty little device is great for anxious fliers, anyone in high stress jobs or for when you just need a 5 minute break to breathe and relax throughout the day. I was surprised when first using the Moonbird device how quickly it puts you at ease as it mimics the inhale, exhale movement along with you. Paired with an easy to use app which sets the device into action, you can also choose from the wide variety of exercises.
I first opted for the calm setting – a 5 minute exercise – alongside the soothing voice over to try and shake the Sunday blues. It absolutely did the trick, and I went to bed feeling soothed and calm. I have since used it nearly every day to unwind after work or even to aid me into falling asleep, I can’t recommend it enough!” – Asha Noble, The Handbook’s Partnerships Executive

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