If you haven’t guessed already, we’re huge fans of the brand making waves across the beauty industry: Beauty Pie. Founded by serial entrepreneur Marcia Kilgore, Beauty Pie was ​​started as the first ever luxury beauty membership for bonafide beauty lovers. Not only do they give us great skincare and beauty products, but their Dermatologist in residence is sharing his secret checklist to get your skin glowing and healthy in just 6 weeks.

Dr Andrew Markey believes is that skincare shouldn’t be complicated, and we agree. That’s why their making it super straightforward with their ABC of skincare.

Read on for his top tips, and our selection of Beauty Pie faves.

It’s as easy as ABC…

In the morning, Niacinamide Superdrops followed by Vitamin C (serum, capsules, ampoules) under their moisturiser

In the evening: one form of our Super Retinol at night (serum, night cream)*

Always followed, of course, by Sunscreen every single morning.

…for SIX weeks straight (that’s ONE skin cycle).

* if you are pregnant, cut out the Retinols, and go only ‘BC+SPF’!


“Retinol breaks down to Retinoic Acid in the skin. It speeds up cellular turnover – switching on cells ‘keratinocytes’ and ‘fibroblasts’,” says Dr Markey. “Everything gets supercharged – glow, firmness, fine lines, smoothness – and texture changes. It’s a dermatologist’s favourite gold standard go-to treatment for skin problems.”


“Super Retinol + Vitamin C Night Renewal Moisturizer is an excellent and gentle introduction to using Retinol,” says Dr Markey. “BEAUTY PIE’s Super Retinol range is very well researched with proven effects on the skin. I like that the range has gentle concentrations, which is a good thing as too many people are walking around with too much irritation and inflammation from using too aggressive actives on the skin. So start gently, whether you think you have sensitive skin or not.”


“If Retinol is my skincare ‘wow,’ then for me, Niacinamide – or Vitamin B3 – is all about calming,” says Dr Markey. That’s why dermatologists love it – it’s a really helpful molecule that soothes and calms skin, so it works really well in conjunction with other active ingredients. Niacinamide helps rebuild the barrier function of the skin, and also triggers the production of ceramides. “It helps with pore refinement – and is really useful for helping even out pigmentation – plus vascular discolouration and spottiness on the chest, which drives clients bonkers.”


“A lot of patients complain about age spots on their neck and chest,” says Dr Markey. “Niacinamide features prominently in BEAUTY PIE’s Uber Youth Neck & Chest Spray. Being a spray it’s also lovely and light and refreshing to use.”

"Being a spray it’s also lovely and light and refreshing to use.”


Vitamin C (or Ascorbic Acid as it’s also known) and its brightening benefits appeal to everybody,” says Dr Markey. “In a skincare programme, it’s an absolute master at prevention, and helping to reduce ongoing damage. Because it’s an antioxidant, it gobbles up free radicals. It stops inflammation which can be caused by UV light and environmental pollutants. It stimulates new collagen and helps the stability of new collagen, too. It protects skin from developing a pigment response and helps with brightness and evenness of skin tone. It increases the skin’s tolerance to UV light and acts as a subtle SPF in addition to the sunscreen you are using. It’s also safe to use during pregnancy.”


Super-targeted ‘one-shot’ capsules which hold high doses of stable actives, dispensed with a simple twist, squeeze and tap. A double dose of pure Vitamin C is boosted with Vitamin E acetate for moisture and antioxidation. They also help to firm, smooth and brighten, minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and even out skin tone. A daily must-have anti-ageing vitamin dose for your skin.


“A number is not the best way to decide,” says Dr Markey. “We all have different skin types. You could have someone with well-preserved skin at 40 years old, and someone aged 22 already showing signs of sun damage due to lots of holidays in the sunshine. The general rule is to start in your 30s and apply the ABC approach rigidly – but many can benefit from starting in their 20s. (And parents should always apply the Sun Management habits to their children.)”

"Ask yourself: ‘Is there a bit of A, bit of B and bit of C in my regime - and is there a lot of SPF?"



“I always try to emphasise and point out that the answer to successful anti-ageing is CONSISTENCY,” says Dr Markey. “Sun damage changes are persistent conditions, so you must be persistent in treatment. The skin cycle is actually about 40 days (or six weeks), so give creams enough time to do their jobs. You need six weeks from the bottom of the epidermis to the top to get good results. And then ideally, continue this for a second and third time. That’s when you’ll really get the outcome you want.”

Ready to give the 6 week skincare plan a go? We’ve rounded up some of our favourite Beauty Pie products below to give you some inspiration.

And if you’re feeling lucky, click here for your chance to win the ultimate Beauty Pie kit!

Glowing skin ain’t just for summer…

Our Beauty Pie Faves

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