Yolk Kidding Me? 22 Simply Eggsellent Chocolate Easter Eggs To Devour (Including A Chocolate Scotch Egg)

Hot cross buns, daffodils, Easter brunches… the joy of spring brings so many wonderful things, but most importantly it brings chocolate. Heaps of it. And we’re ready to drink it, roll around in it, devour it, lick it, chomp it… you get the message. We’re serious chocoholics and we’ve hunted out some of the best Easter eggs to buy this year.

Sadly, we’ve only been able to sample a few of them, but we’re pretty sure you won’t have any problems with the ones we haven’t tried. For those of you waiting until the end of lent to make any chocolate purchases, we take our hat off to you. We’re already on to our 10th chocolate egg and it’s not even Easter yet.

1. Fortnum’s Decorated Easter Eggs

Hand-crafted from the finest milk, dark and white chocolate using antique moulds, this trio of Easter eggs is delicately decorated with sugar flowers and butterflies. Each egg is filled with a delicious surprise – simply crack open the chocolate shell to reveal a collection of white, milk and dark chocolate animals.

Price: £50
Website: www.fortnumandmason.com

2. Charbonnel et Walker Fine Milk & Dark Chocolate Selection

This delightful Easter egg-shaped gift box is filled with Charbonnel et Walker’s finest milk and dark chocolate selection. The Easter bunny takes centre stage on the tin, alongside spring flowers, birds and bumblebees. Dip your hand for a surprise flavour. 

Price: £35
Website: www.charbonnel.co.uk

3. Claridge’s Milk Chocolate Easter Egg

Take Easter up a notch with a limited-edition 2021 Claridge’s chocolate egg. This wondrous creation is hand-crafted from Valrhona milk chocolate, wrapped in its signature black-and-white chevron foil and tied with a black satin bow. It looks almost too good to eat. But break it open and inside you will find a selection of salted caramel gull’s eggs.

Price: £55
Website: www.claridges.co.uk

4. Selfridges Honeycomb Milk Chocolate Egg

Selfridges knows a thing or two about classy eggs. And this is one seriously classy egg. With sustainability at the core, Selfridges have partnered up with Chocolarder to use ethically-sourced cacao from the Dominican Republic and sugar cane from the green harvest project in Brazil to craft this egg in plastic-free packaging.  The almond nougatine is made from almonds wind sailed from Spain, while the honeycomb is from the delicious honey from beekeeper Matt Pitt’s Cornish Black Bees.

Price: £21.99
Website: www.selfridges.com

5. Marks & Spencer Percy Pig

Our favourite Marks & Sparks sweet treat has been transformed into a delightfully pink, chocolatey Easter egg of sorts. Complete with jazzie trousers, the berry-flavoured white chocolate hollow egg is decorated with multi-coloured sprinkles. Colin the Caterpillar is slightly jealous, as although he gets his own egg, it’s not nearly as fun as Percy’s.

Price: £10
Website: www.marksandspencer.com

6. Booja Booja Hazlenut Easter Egg

Indulge in Booja Booja’s renowned range of artisan vegan chocolate at Planet Organic. This exquisite handmade Easter Egg is hand-painted by a community of artists in Kashmir, India and filled with Hazelnut chocolate truffles. Each truffle contains sweet, roasted Italian hazelnuts. Plus, it’s all organic, dairy free, gluten & soya free and handmade in Norfolk.

Price: £26.99
Website: www.planetorganic.com

7. Hotel Chocolat Extra Thick You Crack Me Up Easter Egg

Don’t expect a delicate chocolate shell here. If you want to crack this egg you’re going to have to use some real force – but it’s worth it. Rich 40% milk chocolate on one side, and creamy caramel-white chocolate on the other, the egg is filled with a crowd pleasing mixture of mellow chocolates. Smooth hazelnut pralines, caramel chocolate, dulce de leche, roasted pecan praline… it’s a taste sensation.

Price: £29.00

8. Cutter & Squidge Chocolate Easter Egg Hamper

Why have one egg when you can have three? This decadent chocolate Easter egg hamper from Cutter & Squidge features three beautifully handmade, luxurious chocolate Easter eggs, each with their own sumptuous filling. First up is the Billionaire filled Easter egg, then the Funfetti filled Easter egg and finally the Cookies & Cream Easter Egg. They can be bough separately but treat yourself!

Price: £55.00
Website: www.cutterandsquidge.com

9. Nomo Vegan & ‘Free From’ Creamy Chocolate Egg

Imagine a world where no-one has to miss out. Well, you don’t have to imagine, because there’s a new choc on the block delivering vegan goodness. You won’t be able to believe your taste buds. It’s vegan and totally free from dairy, gluten, egg and nuts, yet so creamy. This delicious egg is just waiting to be cracked open.

Price: £6.00
Website: www.sainsburys.co.uk

10. Thornton’s Unicorn Easter Egg

This simply magical number is a hollow milk chocolate egg with white chocolate, dark chocolate and pink coloured decoration. If you crack it open, a year’s supply of magical dust will land on your feet and bring you joy and hope for months to come. We lied about that last bit, but you never know…

Price: £4.00
Website: www.morrisons.com

11. Monty Bojangles Flutter Scotch

Monty Bojangles is a London-based UK confectionery brand famous for its curiously moreish cocoa dusted truffles. They double dust their truffles with bitter-sweet cocoa powder, and infuse the truffle centres with scrumptious ingredients for a very moreish bite. This hollow milk chocolate egg comes with French cocoa-dusted truffles and butterscotch chips. Creamily caramelly, saltily buttery, simply delicious.

Price: £6.00
Website: www.waitrose.com

12. Ladurée Eggs & Gift Box

Ladurée has partnered with the French artisan chocolatier, Patric Chapon for a mouth-watering chocolate bonbon collection. The collection comes in exclusive packaging designed by Claudia Ravnbo. Our favourites are the dark chocolate egg  and the milk chocolate egg, alongside ‘The Gift Box’, which is filled with 20 Sicilian almond and piedmont hazelnut praline eggs covered with creamy white chocolate.

Price: £28 for the chocolate eggs, £32 for The Gift Box
Available at Burlington Arcade’s  Ladurée 

13. Lakrids by Bülow Ægg Creativity Kit

Lakrids by Bülow is a premium Danish confectionary brand that’s new to the UK. They have crafted an alternative to classic Easter Eggs, filled with the finest chocolate coated liquorice spheres in both Crispy Caramel and Twisted Banana flavours. The collection invites you to unleash your inner artist and create something fun with the family by transforming the packaging into a work of art. That’s because sustainability is at the heart of Lakrids by Bülow. Each product is carefully handcrafted with the finest ingredients, ethically sourced from the best suppliers around the world, and the packaging is made from 100% recycled and recyclable plastic.

Price: £60.00

14. The Gentlemen Baristas x Rococo Easter Box 

Home of well-mannered coffee, The Gentlemen Baristas (TGB) have teamed up with luxury chocolate-makers Rococo for an Easter Box. Delivered nationwide, the box is full of chocolate eggs, chocolate drinks and chocolate-covered coffee beans. The exact items include a TGB brownie, TGB caramel slices, TGB Gatsby single origin coffee, Rococo Salted Caramel Seagull Egg Crate, Rococo hot chocolate tin, and Rococo & TGB whole Coffee Beans in Milk Chocolate. It’s seriously indulgent. We love it.

Price: £55.00
Wesbite: www.thegentlemenbaristas.slerp.com

15. Montezuma’s Plucky Dark Chocolate Chick

Montezuma’s started in 2000 with only a kitchen sink-sized machine and is now a growing business with a whole host of chocolatey treats. Our favourite is the cute Plucky Chick which comes with giant buttons. Both are made from rich, dark, organic chocolate with a touch of organic vanilla extract. It’s almost too cute to eat. Almost.

Price: £6.00
Website: www.montezumas.co.uk

16. Gelatorino’s Gelato Filled Easter Egg

An ice cream-filled chocolate egg you say? It couldn’t get more indulgent than that. The half milk chocolate egg shell can be filled with your favourite flavour. Choose from pistachio, stracciatella, dark chocolate, hazelnut, gianduja, zabajone or vanilla gelato for the most explosive taste sensation.

Price: £16.00
Website: www.gelatorino.com

17. Deliveroo x Mystic Meg

Deliveroo has partnered with the nation’s favourite psychic Mystic Meg to create limited-edition ‘Mystic Eggs’ for Brits to crack open and discover their 2021 fortune. Available on 31st March from 12pm for just £2.21, the eggstravagant milk chocolate as well as dark vegan chocolate eggs have been created to provide a moment of respite. Wrapped in cosmic teals, purples and gold hues, the egg-shaped, edible crystal ball is enough to turn even the Easter Bunny green with envy. Each egg contains an uplifting 2021 prediction, foreseen through Mystic Meg’s captivating crystal ball… magic.

Price: £2.21
Website: www.deliveroo.co.uk

18. Allpress Chocolate Easter Eggs By Bennetts Of Mangawhai

Whether you’re a flat white or a double espresso drinker, pioneering coffee roasters Allpress Espresso have wrapped up your morning coffee into an Easter egg this year, with the launch of their limited-edition box of Chocolate Easter Eggs created with New Zealand chocolatiers Bennetts of Mangawhai. Each six-pack of Allpress Easter Eggs, which come in a cute little egg box, contains three double espresso and three flat white eggs. Yum.

Price: £15.00
Website: www.allpressespresso.com

19. Hotel Chocolat Elizapeck

This little Elizapeck chick perches on top of a Tiddly Pot of milk chocolate drops. The adorable chick was originally sketched, painted, then hand-carved to create this exclusive treat. Hollow caramel-milk chocolate comes with petite chocolate drops kept safe in a pot. The chocolate drops also make for a great cake topper, and their tiny size means they are perfect on top of Easter cupcakes, or nestled amongst mini eggs in rice crispy treats.

Price: £6.50
Website: www.hotelchocolat.com

20. Heston’s Chocolate Scotch Egg

It’s surprising to see a scotch egg has made the list, but this British picnic favourite has been completely reinvented. Milk chocolate maple crunch replaces breadcrumbs, the meat is now a rich milk chocolate caramel ganache while a zesty mango and yuzu fondant forms the golden yolk at the centre. And it’s all made using Fairtrade sourced cocoa. Now that’s a picnic we can get onboard with.

Price: £4.80
Website: www.waitrose.com

21. Melt London Acorn Easter Egg

Designed in-house, at Melt’s London HQ, this  hand-crafted acorn Easter egg combines silky smooth milk chocolate with an almond rocher cup and a rich 70% dark chocolate cover. The acorn resembles Melt’s achievements as one of London’s best-loved chocolate makers – as the saying goes “from small acorns, mighty oaks are grown”. Melt has also made sure to minimise their food miles, as the kitchen is located in the boutiques to reduce their carbon footprint.

Price: £22.50
Website: www.meltchocolates.com

22. Gåva Beatrix Potter Eggs

This is the Promenix egg from Swedish brand Gåva. Some Swedes call a short walk a promenix. So what better word to describe this Beatrix Potter scene of rabbits in their Sunday best out for a little roam around the farm? The company encourages you to embrace the age-old Scandi tradition of reusing your Easter egg year after year, filling it with different treats every time. 

Price: £8.00
Website: www.gavagiving.com

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