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    Beyonce, who is famous for her phenomenal voice and catchy tunes, such as Single Ladies and Crazy In Love, is a worldwide sensation. She is married to the famous rapper Jay-Z whose details you can also have a look at including his manager and agent. Beyonce gave birth to her first child in 2012, and took a small break from her singing career to be a mummy. Beyonce is as well known for her singing as for her ‘bootylicious’ bottom and body. It would be hard to resist the opportunity of being able to contact Beyonce’s manager and Beyonce’s agent so here at The Handbook, we offer just that privilege. Register here or login and we can provide a unique and quality service.

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    Andrea Xxxxxx

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    Carol Xxxxxxx

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    Emma Xxxxxxxxxxx

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    Music PR

    Tom Xxxxxxxxxxx

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    Carl Xxxxxxxxxx

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    Yvette Xxxxxxxx

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    Nicki Xxxxxxxxx

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    Kimberly Xxxxxxxx

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