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The only tool you'll need to get Celebrities & Influencers working with your business

Over 127,000 Global Celebrity & Influencer Full Contact Details + Powerful Audience Insights & Intelligence

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Directly Engage with Top Celebrities & Influencers

  • Full up to date agent, manager ,publicist and booking agent info for over 127,000 celebrities and influencers worldwide, allowing you to quickly reach out to celebrities and influencers in seconds
  • Full company details for representative
  • Personal email and direct telephone number of celebrities’ representative
  • News linked to celebrity
  • Brands celebrities and influencers are involved with
  • Tips on how to contact celebrities and influencers and getting them to support your cause
  • Ideal resource for Media, Brands, Charities, PR and Showbiz industry

Identify Talent That Will Resonate With Your Business

  • Quickly and easily contact any celebrity and influencer and search 127,000 celebrity contact details
  • Sort celebrities and influencers by popularity or social reach
  • Tips on how to contact celebrities and how to get them to support your cause
  • Search by profession, age, gender, nationality and more
  • Intelligence platform with multiple search categories to refine your search

Identify the True Value of an Influencer & Celebrity

  • Full data on celebrities and influencers to include growth trends
  • Full audience breakdown by category for celebrities and influencers audience.
  • Set up alerts for trending celebrities and growth trends
  • Brands influencers and celebrities are involved with
  • Full intelligence on audience by category, interest, gender, location and more

Compare Celebrities & Influencers

  • Compare any celebrity or influencer via social following
  • Compare celebrities via on-line growth trends on google
  • View celebrities that are on the UP and Down on a daily or monthly basis, create alerts for trending celebrities
  • View full social stats and trends for all influencers and celebrities
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Use Growth Trends to Align Yourself With the Correct Celebrities & Influencers

  • Instantly identify the correct celebrity or influencer for your campaign via detailed growth charts
  • Compare any celebrity or influencer in seconds
  • Identify celebrities and influencers linked via growth following
  • Compare celebrities and influencers via social following, google, and Handbook data

Identify Brand Connections Between Celebrities & Influencers

  • Identify brand connections between celebrities and influencers
  • View celebrities partnerships with upcoming brands
  • Search by brands and celebrities
  • View stats on engagement levels with brands and celebrities

Identify Fundraising Opportunities for Celebrities & Influencers

  • Find out which charities celebrities support, or are ambassadors for
  • Help raise funds for a specific charity
  • Contact celebrities with specific proposals for your cause
  • Identify fundraising opportunities
  • Find out ambassadors for specific charities
  • Tips for getting celebrities involved with a charity
  • The celebrity resource is utilised by hundreds of major charities helping raise vital funds

Full Details of 7.6k Exclusive Events

  • Full contact details for event planners of all the premiers happening
  • Full company details for representative
  • Personal email and direct telephone number of celebrities’ representative
  • News linked to premier
  • Talent attending the premier
  • Contact details for talent attending the premier
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Full Details of all the Best Launches

  • View all VIP launches
  • Full person contact details for the event planner
  • Contacts for celebrities and influencers attending
  • Full details for brands linked to launches and contact details

Full Details for Every Top Showbiz Event

  • Full data on every top showbiz event
  • Contact details for event planner
  • Celebrities and influencers linked to events with contact details
  • Full audience breakdown by category for celebrities and influencers audience.
  • Set up alerts for events
  • Brands influencers and celebrities are involved with

Full Details for all PR and Press Days

  • Press days across London
  • PR contacts linked
  • Brands linked to press days
  • Location and full event details
  • Celebrities and influencers attending and full contacts

Full Details for VIP Celebrity and Influencer Events

  • View full details for VIP invitation events
  • See celebrities attending and view celebrities agent, manager and publicist details and audience insights
  • See influencers details, of influencers attending events
  • Compare any celebrity or influencer in seconds
  • Full contact details and audience insights for any global celebrity or influencer
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The Handbook Gives You Everything You Need

to grow your business through celebrity & influencer marketing

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Goodley Bullen PR

We cannot recommend The Handbook Celebrity and What’s On service more. It’s easy to navigate and full of detail – it has revolutionised the way we work.

Nazer Bullen, Director
Goodley Bullen PR
OK Magazine

The Handbook is an excellent resource for those wanting to contact celebrities and get the low down on the top events in town.

Lisa Byrne, Former Editor
OK! Magazine
Daily Mail Online

Every girl and boy about town needs The Handbook! It’s an indispensable service for anyone that wants to touch base with media and celebrity insiders.

Katie Nicholls, Editor
Daily Mail Online
Benefit Cosmetics

Loving it, it's such an amazing platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What sort of contact information do you have for each celebrity?

    We list the celebrities and influencers agent, manager, and or publicist details. We have full postal address, telephone number and the agent’s personal email address for each celebrity. You can make as many celebrity search requests as you wish. Our intelligence platform also allows you to search for celebrities by a detailed search criteria such as BAFTA winners, UHNWS, Digital influencers, Models, Olympic Medalists , Social media following etc.

    We also have full audience insights on celebrities and influencers, so you can see what their followers are interested in, where they live and who they are. Meaning you can quickly identify the celebrities whose audience fits your brand as well as the celebrity that fits your brand.

  • How often is the information updated?

    We are constantly updating our resource on a daily basis to make it one of the most up to date and reliable celebrity resources available, if however you find anything that is not correct or listed, please email and we will email with full correct details within 3 working hours.

  • What other information is provided?

    We have full profiles for every global celebrity, along with details of which charities various celebrities support, events celebrities are attending and which celebrities are in town and available for interview or bookings. Insider tips are also provided on how to get celebrities to support your cause and respond to your request.

  • What if I cannot find the details I am looking for?

    We have over 127,000 celebrities listed, please click here for full celebrity list If you cannot find a certain celebrities contact details please ring 0203 021 0899 or email we will respond within 3 working hours with full details.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    We want our customers to be happy therefore there is no contract and you can cancel at any time, you can also suspend or cancel your subscription using the settings on the site when logged in. If for any reason you are not happy with the service, let us know why we will either try and fix the problem or offer a full refund.

  • How do I know your site is secure?

    Our website is fully protected and secure. All transactions are encrypted and processed by a third-party credit card company that uses state of the art security. None of the credit card information is stored in-house. We are PCI compliant and Security Metrics Certified to give you full protection.

  • Is the data provided on The Handbook compliant with GDPR?

    As per regulations becoming enforceable on 25th May 2018 The Handbook UK Limited will be compliant with GDPR. As part of this we will ensure that all personal contact information for EU contacts contained on The Handbook UK limited will be opt in and that opt in has been acquired within the last 6 months as stipulated, and we are therefore, on an ongoing basis, compliant with GDPR.

    Contact information is gathered either via the public domain where contacts are listed as a person to contact in relation to project, or directly from the contact themselves. In the case of the latter we ask permission from the contact to add their information and contact details to The Handbook UK limited and be made available to our clients.

    In addition, every 3 months we email all contacts on our database to remind them of this information we share on them and enable them to opt out or update their information. When responding the contacts are able to opt out of having any or all information held on the database.

    While it is standard practice, clients are also advised to ensure they have an unsubscribe link in all emails.

Any Questions, Need Advice? Call us on 020 3021 0898

Elly Stancliffe

100% Satisfaction Guarantee - The Handbook Promise

I am so confident that you’ll find this a great product that if for any reason you are not completely happy with it, please let me know within the guarantee period, and I will either personally fix the issue or offer a full refund. No questions asked!

Elly Stancliffe - CEO of The Handbook