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If the Aztecs were still around this week then they’d be in full-on blood’n’guts sacrifice mode – the sun gods are poised to bless us with tropical conditions as Britain braces for a much needed heatwave!

After a weekend of mixed weather, the mercury is set to soar to 31 degrees by Wednesday and the Met Office is even talking about temps of 34 by Thursday, making it the hottest day of the year to-date and finally giving us something to celebrate!

From Sloughdi Arabia to the Costa del Solihul, from Papa New Forest to Derbydos, Britain is going to feel like another country altogether as the heatwave hits.

And then? Well probably rain toward the end of the week as a north-westerly front may bring some thunder showers.

Britain’s hottest day to-date was Wednesday 20th May when we managed 28 degrees, but even if we experience a massive 34 this week doesn’t come close to last year’s high of 38.7. But then we’ve got all summer to work at it.

If you thought that it was impossible to write an article without mentioning coronavirus, then you’d be right. The temperatures are likely to coincide with the government’s final decision on the date for hospitality reopening and, just as crucially, the result of the review into social distancing.

If, as widely predicted, the prescribed level of distancing falls to 1 metre or 1.5 metres then it looks set to be a hot, fun summer despite everything!

Meanwhile, pack up your winter wardrobe, grab a desk fan while they’re still in the shops and stock up on Pimm’s, the summer’s finally here!

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