Lady Gaga To Star Opposite Joaquin Phoenix In Joker 2

By Rufus Punt | 15th August 2022

Joker was something of a sensation when it released back in 2019, offering a new version of the classic comic book villain and setting box office records, not to mention Joaquin Phoenix winning an Oscar for his starring role as the Batman character. So it’s no surprise the sequel would cause a lot of buzz and anticipation, but new details on the upcoming film have made that excitement even stronger, and in the past few days it was confirmed that it’ll feature an unexpected star: Lady Gaga.

The title of the sequel was the first thing that drew attention, with director Todd Phillips announcing it’ll be called “Joker: Folie à Deux”. The rather fancy sounding subtile translates to “Madness for Two”.

The second thing that caused the internet’s ears to prick up was the reveal that Joker 2 will in fact be… a musical. Yes, the psychopathic Joker will apparently sing and dance throughout this second outing, meaning that it’ll be a truly bizarre experience.

But perhaps the biggest piece of news was only confirmed recently, with Lady Gaga herself announcing on Twitter that she will be part of the sequel, and in no small role either: all signs (including a teaser image of Gaga’s silhouette with familiar faceprint) point to the singer playing Harley Quinn, the Joker’s long suffering and equally criminally minded girlfriend.

Quinn was one of the later Batman characters to be introduced, but quickly became a firm fan favourite and was played by Margot Robbie to acclaim in three films (Suicide Squad, Birds of Prey and The Suicide Squad), so it’s a big role to fill.

Gaga starring opposite Joaquin Phoenix means that the film is certainly leaning hard into the musical angle, and will give the film an extra bit of star power.

While there has been no indications of the film’s plot, it’s speculated that Zazie Beetz’s character from Joker may be returning, and that the film will continue from the original’s ending, which saw Joker escape from Arkham State Hospital.

The film will continue from the original's ending, which saw Joker escape from Arkham State Hospital.

The film won’t have any connection to The Batman, which released earlier this year and starred Robert Pattinson, and is in a separate universe.

There’s no official trailer for the film yet (outside of Lady Gaga’s teaser video), but you’ll be able to find out what exactly Phillips, Phoenix and Gaga have in store when the film releases in October 2024.


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