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The Influential Women in London You Need to Know About

The Handbook
By Jennifer Korn | 31st July 2018

2018 is the Year of the Woman, so let’s get after it. London is a diverse town, full of culture, business, government, charity, athletics and so much more. Women have shaped the city in every sector, and it is time to fully celebrate the impact females have every single day. We are here with a list of some of the most badass, influential women in London this summer who are encouraging others to seize the day. They are out here with art exhibits, talks, books, presentations, government campaigns, national campaigns and so much more- proving that girls DO, in fact, run the world.

Kelly Anna

The Artist

London-based artists and print designer Kelly Anna is taking over Shoreditch with the “SHE STOLE THE SHOW” exhibition at The Book Club. The art is high-color, bold and witty, meant to convey the split paths of women today: succumbing to pressure and self-doubt and channeling inner strength. Anna connects art, psychology and physicality to empower women, and this exhibit will definitely do that.


Imtaz Khaliq

The Fashion Queen

Imtaz Khaliq is one of the top tailors and designers in London, recognized with an MBE and the highest profile clients. She has created pieces for Dina Carroll, Michele Pfeiffer and Mishal Husain, been featured on the BBC, Channel 4 and Cosmpolitan, talked at events at spots ranging from the British Library to the House of Lords, and teaches classes on marketing at the University of Westminster. She has met countless royals, including the Queen, and owns her unique position as a powerful female tailor to inspire other women. Come hear her keynote speak at A Maven’s World Women Conference.
The conference is on 22nd Sept, 2018, tickets are available here:


Frances Scott

The Equality Reformer

Frances Scott is taking parliament by storm after creating 50:50 Parliament in 2013. The campaign, present on social media as #AskHerToStand, is to fight the current 2:1 imbalance of men to women at Westminster, though, when the campaign was launched, it was 3:1. Scott’s work encourages more women to run for government positions and has helped create The Women and Equalities Select Committee  and The Commons Reference Group on Representation and Inclusion, showing the tangible impact she is having on our government. There is still a long way to go, but Frances’s passion to make our representation more equal is vitally important for British women.


Laura Bates

The Body Image Writer

Poor body image is one of the largest problems facing women of every age today. Everyday Sexism was launched by Laura Bates after some work as a nanny revealed to her that girls of very young ages were prematurely concerned with the issue and obsessed with making negative comments about their own bodies. She asked for accounts from women around London to share their experiences with sexual harassment, and the efforts had some major influence on policy changes. She also published three books, Everyday Sexism, Girl Up and, most recently, Misogynation. Her ongoing work to empower women to have confidence in themselves and fight the highly problematic impact that body negativity have on the female psyche is helping people throughout the UK.


Molly Bingham

The Media Boss

Scared about the idea of fake news that seems to be everywhere nowadays? President and CEO of Orb Media Molly Bingham cares about the information you receive, and she will be speaking at a roundtable event to address the role journalism is playing in society and, more specifically, your life. She will discuss how philanthropists can fight back against its effects, as well as flex her years of experience at the top of media food chain to inspire women in the audience. Her knowledge and background make her an expert on the current news environment, so don’t miss her wise words to help you stay on top of the tumultuous world. Hey, she’s even given a TED-X talk…listen up.
The event is 11th Sept, 2018 from 5-8pm


Gabby Edlin

The Giver, Period

Thousands of women across the UK do not access to some of the things we don’t think twice about: tampons and sanitary napkins. Gabby Edlin is working to change that with Bloody Good Period, a charity that raises money to donate menstrual supplies to those in need. She has helped launch the massive organizations helping female refugees, asylum seekers and lower-income women. Her work has changed countless lives and fixed a massive, ignored issue.