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The Handbook

Breakfast, it seems to divide us, either you’re ‘the grab a coffee and shove a croissant in your mouth as you dash out the door sort of person’, or you’re ‘the leisurely eggs, muffins, newspapers and maybe a smoothie’ type. Well 25th -31st January is breakfast week and as we all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so now is your chance to change things up and with it being a big thing in London, you’re hardly stuck for choice. Here are some of the best:

Hawksmoor Guildhall

Hawksmoor is known for steak.  The Guildhall branch also does breakfast. The result? Probably the meatiest breakfast in London. Not for the faint-hearted, the maaaassive plates are piled high with smoked bacon chop, grilled bone marrow, short-rib bubble and squeak and trotter baked beans. Blimey. You could have granola and grapefruit. You really could. But what’s the point? They also have a bracing collection of morning cocktails ensuring it’s more morning glory than morning snore-y.

Duck and Waffle

Located on the 40th floor of Heron Tower, Duck and Waffle is the highest restaurant in the UK, which means one thing, pretty spectacular views. It’s open 24 hours so if you can get there for sunrise, a much better start to the day then stuffing your face with a bagel on the tube. Aside from the breakfast classics, they have more interesting options; including BBQ-spiced crispy pig ear and of course the infamous “duck and waffle”.

 Cereal Killer Cafe

Tired of growing up? Want to relive the old days of watching cartoons with a bowl of cereal? Then head to Shoreditch (where else) to the Cereal Killer Café.  They have over 120 types of cereal, 30 varieties of milk and toppings, they even have TV’s playing cartoons and adverts from the 80’s and 90’s and cereal memorabilia. Get ready for a nostalgia hit.


With venues in King Cross, Shoreditch and Covent Garden you’re never too far from a Dishoom, a Bombay café in London. Breakfast includes dishes like Kejriwal – that’s fried eggs on chili cheese toast (which supposedly is named after the man who repeatedly asked for it at Willingdon Club), Akuri which is spicy scrambled eggs, pau buns and grilled tomatoes an Irani café staple. If you can’t quite leave England behind then go for the sausage naan roll.


If you find yourself on the Kings Road then you can’t go wrong with breakfast at Megan’s. Alongside green smoothies, waffles and granola they also offer a cracking vegetarian fry up of eggs, halloumi, avocado, beans, tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms and toast.  Any breakfast with avocado and halloumi sounds like a dream to us… who needs bacon?

 The Breakfast Club

We all know the drill, you wake up late, you’re slightly hungover the thought of leaving the house before midday is your idea of a nightmare but all you want is the greasy, cheese-laden, fried comfort of breakfast. Just your luck then that The Breakfast Club serves breakfast until 5pm with the likes of apple and cinnamon French toast, chorizo and fried eggs and pancakes, so many pancakes.

Workshop Coffee Co.

With four locations across London (although the Marylebone branch is currently closed) Workshop Coffee Co. needs to be your first stop for your daily caffeine hit – they know a thing or two about great quality coffee (well you would hope given that it’s in their name). What you might not know is that they do some brilliant breakfasts too, and vegetarians rejoice they offer pretty good breakfasts which aren’t just a full English minus the bacon and sausage. Instead think avocado with roasted tomatoes, dukkah and granary toast.


Anywhere that serves crumpets with ‘too much butter’ is our sort of place. Want baked eggs, chorizo or a fry up – yep Caravan has that. Feeling more virtuous and fancy grilled coconut bread, strawberries and lemon curd cream cheese? Caravan can do that too. Falling somewhere in the middle between guilt and guilt-free? Then go for the banana caramel porridge with added cream. Caravan has it all.

 Barber & Parlour

If you’re so busy and important that you have to make every activity count for six, pop along to Shoreditch’s Barber & Parlour where you can munch breakfast while getting your hair cut/beard trimmed/legs waxed/nails painted.  Yep, Redchurch Street’s latest hangout is all exposed brickwork and industrial light fittings and houses a beauty salon, hair salon and barber shop. The breakfast options are as varied as the treatments on offer: from simple egg and soldiers to poached eggs with avocado, lemon and chili or house granola with plum compote, something’s bound to take your fancy (if you can stop looking in the mirror long enough to choose, that is…).

The Delaunay

When you have a little more time on your hands or you’re just after a classic breakfast, then head to timeless The Delaunay. Not only do they have Viennese and classic English breakfasts they also have a bakery breakfast made up of croissants, muffins and pretzels – it’s pure carb indulgence.

Regency Café

A greasy spoon but, ya know, nice. The black and white art-deco exterior is completed by red and white curtains in the windows; inside it’s all tiled walls, plastic chairs and checked tablecloths. The full English is traditional but expertly done with lots of options choose from. With squirty bottles of ketchup and mustard on the tables and endless cups of builder’s tea the lack of pretension and low prices have people queuing to get in. Little known fact: Layer Cake was filmed here.  17-19 Regency Street, London, SW1P 4BY