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Do you think you’ve got an excuse to swerve the gym because there’s no need to train for a summer bod anymore? Course ya do! But, we’re not having any of it. These are five fitness apps to get butts in all sorts of gears, from booty workouts that’ll make J-Lo jealous to Kayla Itsines take-no-sh*t back breakers. You’ll be flaunting that pack of six in no time, thanks to the digital pals below…


It goes without saying that when it comes to fitness apps, ClassPass is a bit of a King! As a Londoner, it’s hard to get through the day without hearing the word ClassPass and we can totally understand why. The app is basically your go-to pocket fitness organiser, born in 2013 after Payal Kadakia struggled to find a dance class to take after work in NYC – and boy, are we glad there were no dance classes available, because voila, ClassPass arrived! The app has come such a long way, having expanded into 2,500 cities in 15 countries and, as a result, launched a booming digital fitness business.

Having tried the app, one thing we found was that the wealth of classes in your area is incredible – there are so many to choose from (and from the comfort of your sofa)! The app makes finding and booking classes effortless and it works on a credits basis. Plus, you can filter classes based on exact time, neighborhood, type (barre, spin, etc.). So, you buy the number of credits you need which can be done by signing up to a monthly plan and then hey presto, you’re off to sweat it out. The best classes will, semi-understandably, cost the most credits so take note of that. Better, more exclusive studios and classes will zap your credits but if that’s where you want to workout then that’s where you want to work out!

We couldn’t recommend ClassPass more, and it’s definitely, and quite obviously, the future of fitness class booking. Whatcha waiting for?

Website: Run This Way...


This app really will be your best pal… or perhaps your worst if you’re annoyed at how many calories you burnt the day before, or lack there of. MyFitnessPal is a three-for-one diet tracker, calorie counter, and exercise motivator. Paying homage to the mystery that is technology, the forward-thinking app takes into consideration your body type and the food you eat to rustle up goals based on all of the info. Plus, there’s about 5 million foods in their database so you note down exactly what it is you’ve eaten. Result – literally!

Website: Download Now!

Sweat With Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines is the fitness extraordinaire that you’ll see pumping iron or swinging a dumbbell around nearly every time you scroll down your Insta. Absolutely killing it on the fitness front, her app, Sweat with Kayla Itsines, is incredibly popular due to its #BBG program which encourages users to follow daily gym-based or targeted workouts based on where you’re at in the program, and you can connect with other #BBG members along the way.

Website: Get Your Sweat On...


Strava, oh Strava. It’s basically an app that will kick your butt if you’re not running fast enough but hey, that’s a good thing right? The genius little pocket rocket keeps track of running or cycling distance, speed, and endurance and then you can share your results with your pals and feel terrible when your biggest competitor has completed their 5k two minutes faster than you have – ugh, the shame! However, as Strava users ourselves we’ve found that it’s incredibly handy at helping you improve your PB and it lets you know how fast you’ve run a km so you know whether you’re on track for that medal or not. It’s the perfect app for those hoping to compete in a marathon or triathlon in the near future (or at least dream about it).

Website: Get Your Jogging Bottoms On & Download Now!

7-Minute Butt Workout

With the big booty craze not looking like it’s going to back(end) off any time soon, it’s time to download 7-Minute Butt Workout and get those glutes a’flexin. The workout has you covered with targeted methods for improving your glutes, like squats and donkey kicks. You’ll be channelling your inner Kim K in no time… if that’s what floats your booty boat.

Website: Get Your Butt In Gear Here!

We love an app here at The Handbook. So much so that we’ve also rounded up our favourite foodie apps, check them out!