8 Skincare Influencers You Should Follow Now

Skincare influencers

Long gone are the days that when you have a skin issue, you consult your GP or even a dermatologist, it seems that now the first port of call is in fact Instagram. Beauty influencers are on tap 24/7 to share their knowledge and expertise about skincare. From honest product reviews and the latest treatments to DIY videos and a true understanding of skin ingredients. And unlike their filtered peers, Skin influencers are part of a real and raw community. If you are looking for other influencers, from beauty to fashion and travel, take a look at The Handbook’s Influencer Marketing Platform.

Our Top Skincare Influencers To Follow

Emma Hoareau (@emmahoareau) 83.8K followers 

Emma is what she describes as a Parisian Brit and self-confessed skincare geek. With skincare tips from head to toe, quality imagery and display of products makes you want to buy everything she posts! Her loyal community is thanks to her true recommendations and honest accounts of her own skin and body-confidence issues. Emma’s hard not to love.

Elle McNamara (@bambidoesbeauty) 44.8K followers 

Elle’s IG story began with just pretty pictures but has quickly evolved into educating and guiding her audience about skincare, alongside an insight into her mental health journey with her posts #BambiDoesLife, and a big old dose of aesthetic thrown in for good measure! Check out Elle’s story highlights where you’ll find most of her skincare content, tips, and tricks and “Skinfo”.


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Dr Anjali Mahto (@anjalimahto) 103K followers 

Consultant dermatologist, author of The Skincare Bible and resident doc at Skin55 on London’s Harley Street. Dr Anjali is incredibly likeable, real, and down-to-earth. Her skincare advice is easy-to-follow and you can get her first-hand advice on many of her weekly IG Lives. Dr Anjali talks very openly about her own journey with acne and boldly refuses to use filters to glamorise an unrealistic ideal of skin. You’ll quickly want to become her BFF.

Shannon Bruno (@shannonbruno) 46.9K followers 

Anyone that promotes self-care quickly becomes one of our favourite influencers. With Shannon’s own acne journey playing a role in her love of skincare and her streamlined approach to products, you’ll quickly learn what products really work, how they work and how best to apply them. If you’re a skincare newbie or overwhelmed by the choice of skincare, Shannon guides you through with her infectious smiley personality.

Caroline Hirons (@carolinehirons) 704K followers 

Caroline Hirons is literally the powerhouse of skincare. What Caroline doesn’t know, isn’t worth knowing. She has a way with words and honesty is very much her thing. There’s no room for BS here, just real, relatable, honest beauty. Caroline is trained in over 100 brands and a globally qualified advanced aesthetician. And if that isn’t enough, she’s the author of Sunday Times No.1 Bestseller ‘Skincare’, and founder of the charitable Beauty Backed Trust. How she has time to post on Instagram too, we don’t know!

Sofia Grahn (@isofiagrahn) 99.2K followers 

Sofia Grahn is a skin-positive Instagrammer who posts about her experiences with acne, advocating for representation and awareness. Her images are raw and exposed which is both unusual and refreshing to see on social media. Sofia’s positive energy spills over into her Instagram feed and reminds us that we can find beauty in everything.


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Dr Adeline Kikam (@brownskinderm) 98.6K followers

Want to learn more about skincare? Here, Dr Adeline who is a certified dermatologist shares her knowledge, tips, and recommendations on her TikTok, Instagram and Twitter channels. Filter-free and easy-to-follow tutorials make this account irresistible for every skin type and every skin colour.

Elizabeth (@my.skinology) 14K followers 

For those that love an aesthetically pleasing account, London-based reviewer Elizabeth shares her journey with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and the effect it has had on her skin. She gives great advice on what to look for in skincare products and what she personally uses to help combat her condition, plus regular doses of makeup and fashion too. This is an account that deserves many more followers than it currently has. Go follow!

So here you have it. Our round up of the eight skin enthusiasts who are shaping the industry and worth scrolling through for hours on end.

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