A Beginner’s Guide To Healing Crystals

By Tamara Corin | 25th January 2023
healing crystals

While crystals are nothing new and there’s little scientific evidence to support the benefits of using them, they have reached peak popularity especially amongst the A-list. Many celebrities are turning to the power of crystals to enhance and heal their lives.

Adele performs clutching them in her hand to overcome stage fright, Miranda Kerr always keeps one in her handbag and designed all her Kora Organics products to be filtered through crystals while Victoria Beckham uses crystals backstage at her fashion shows for positive energy and calmness. But it seems we all want to get in on the act, with #crystals trending at 22+ million and fast growing. Here, Emma Lucy Knowles, crystal expert and author of The Power of Crystal Healing, explains why we should all be burying crystals in our bra.



healing crystals

Replace negative energy with positive

Crystals are so powerful because they work towards connecting and aligning us to a power and energy that at times is perhaps unseen, while encouraging us to connect and heighten our own personal power. Crystals act as lenses and filters to our energy and lives energy, so they can be used to draw out the negativity that follows us in our lives. They also can work to draw on what we desire and what we wish to have more of, whether this is emotional (confidence, love), or physical (energetical abundance) etc.



Crystals act as lenses and filters to our energy and lives energy, so they can be used to draw out the negativity that follows us in our lives.

Get Aligned

Crystals are formed under pressure (much like us), and they can do more than one thing at any one time, they can give, and they can take (again just like us), they vibrate energy (like us and our life force) so we have a natural affinity with them. Just like make up and fashion is used to flatter our greatest features, so are crystals but just on a different level.

Good Vibrations

Everything in life is energy. Every person and every object are vibrating at different frequencies. When we are happy, we emit high vibes and when we are burnt out and run down, we emit low vibes. Energy is fluid and changeable and we can use crystals to change this energy and align ourselves with the vibe we want.



Starter Kit Essentials

Rose Quartz, Amethyst, and Selenite are great choices for beginners. This staple kit promotes love, spiritual and creative lifting, and universal guidance – you really cannot go wrong with these crystals when you are ‘starting out’.



Listen To Your Gut

Use your senses to drive you to what you need rather than your mind dragging to what it thinks you should. Allow yourself to play with what works for you too, no two days are the same, so if you’re not getting anything from touching the crystals, take a step back and see where your eye is drawn. Try putting your crystals in a line-up, in front of you. Rub your hands together gently three times to stimulate the chakra points at the centre of your hands then move your dominant hand over the crystals- right to left. Take long deep breaths and close your eyes, then turn to your intention. What do you want? Asking is important. Try something like ‘Please guide me to what I need’ and continue floating your hand back and forth over them. You’ll be drawn to one of them.



healing crystals

Get In Tune

You can use a crystal therapist or an energy healer to “tune” your crystals, but sometimes this isn’t always accessible, so use the power of our own intention. Decide what it is you want for the crystal to help you with or promote you in?

Up close and personal

Keep your crystals close to your skin. Whether holding it in your hand or whacking it in your bra. The closer you are to it, the stronger and better the energy flow.

Give them TLC

Much like a sponge, your crystals soak up remanence of your emotion or day and you can’t beat a full moon for cleansing and charging your crystals. For stones that are not soluble, run them through or bathe them in cold water before laying them out in the moonlight or on your window sill during a full moon. When a full moon feels too long away, just wash them through or nest them in sand or natural salts.

Emma’s Healing Crystals Cheat-Sheet

  • Rose Quartz – To embrace and love your true self.
  • Tiger’s Eye – For inner strength and confidence.
  • Amethyst – To soothe your soul with clarity and calm.
  • Citrine – To dance in joy and swim in success.
  • Jet – For protection and absorbing negative energy.
  • Selenite – For self-reflection.
  • Golden Healer Quartz – For opening your heart.
  • Red Calcite – For a kick start, caffeine-style hit.
  • Ruby – To boost energy.
  • Sapphire – To aid sleep and anxiety.



Beauty Gems To Try…



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