Thanks to social media, we’ve become totally intoxicated with upgrading our homes. Bring on the cushions, lamps and impeccable gallery wall, but all this comes at a cost. Thankfully, we’re here to help you discover the joy of collecting beautiful masterpieces without breaking the budget. Let this be the beginning of a remarkable collection of art…

First off, art is subjective; it’s a very personal thing. Think of it as an extension of your personality or a way of making your home ‘you’. Look at your decor, and the space you want to fill; are you going for maximalist or minimalist? There is something out there for every single one of us: from floral oil paintings and figurative sketches to bold graphic prints and typography. 

Importantly, just because something costs thousands, does not mean you’re going to love it. Art should be about how it makes you feel, so it can actually be anything from a postcard to a magazine cover. You may even fall for a unique one-off gem at a car boot sale or a charity store, this makes it all the more personal to you. 

As you begin the search to fill your walls, keep an eye out for up-and-coming artists – what may set you back very little today, could be worth hundreds in the future. If you have an artist you adore (looking at you two, Lucy Mahon and Amy Gardner), then keep an eye out for prints of their original works or potentially, just smaller works. Head to museum exhibitions and galleries, like the V&A, and snap up a poster; scroll through sites such as King and McGaw or Juniqe for an extensive collection of prints with an impressive team of experts to guide you through your options. If you’re currently embracing cottagecore, then make Narchie and Glassette your first stops for all things vintage. Finally, John Lewis: with a surprisingly vast array of covetable posters and prints, we challenge you not to fill your whole wall with pieces just from here. 

Scroll to shop our favourite finds below…


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The Other Art Fair features numerous incredible artists, including Amy Gardner, and is an amazing place to discover new art.


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