One of the biggest scandals in the entertainment world is getting a dramatised adaptation later this year. She Said stars Carey Mulligan and Zoe Kazan as two journalists from The New York Times seeking to expose to the world the sexual abuse and misconduct of disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein, and is set to be released on 18th November.

She Said follows films like Spotlight and Bombshell in trying to bring to light awful behaviour and crimes that all too easily swept under the rug for years. It’s based off a book of the same name published in 2019 by Meghan Twoey and Jodi Kantor, played by Mulligan and Kazan, respectively. The investigation, which took 5 months to complete, became the starting point of the wider MeToo movement, which had far reaching consequences beyond the entertainment industry.

The film will detail the investigation from the beginning, and the eventual damming report that it evolved into. The trailer shows the difficulty in getting the report out there with quotes from victims: Several of them interviewed refuse to be directly quoted, and Twoey and Kantor both conclude that “The only way these women are going to go on the record… …is if they jump together.” Testimonies are spoken in the background, as the two journalists battle against threats from Weinstein and others to get the truth out there.

The two journalists battle against threats from Weinstein and others to get the truth out there...

Joining Mulligan and Kazan in the cast are Patricia Clarkson as Rebecca Corbett, Andre Baughter as Dean Baquet and Samantha Morton as Zelda Perkins. In addition, Mike Houston will be portaying Weinstein himself. Universal Pictures’ official synopsis for the film reads that it dramatises the story of how the report helped to “propel the #MeToo movement, shattered decades of silence around the subject of sexual assault in Hollywood and altered American culture forever”.


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