Everyone loves Sir David Attenborough documentaries, but what about David Attenborough in VR? Otherworld, which offers immersive VR experiences like no other, has created a virtual experience focused around the legendary naturalist and the wonders of our world.

Currently available to book in London, it allows you to go beyond the confines of your TV screen and feel like you’re right in the heart of nature, guided by Sir David with all his narrative splendour. Here’s everything you need to know.

What is Otherworld’s David Attenborough: Immersive Anthology?

Otherworld specialises in making VR feel less like a gimmick and more like the technology of the future, letting you immerse yourself in virtual worlds and lose yourself in trippy environments. Their latest creation is essentially like being inside an episode of Planet Earth, exploring the natural world without having to trek into a rainforest. The journey is billed as an “immersive anthology” and takes place across three parts, going through different habitats and seeing a stunning array of wildlife.

The three parts are VR versions of a series of previous Attenborough docs: Kingdom of Plants, Micro Monsters and Conquest of the Skies, exploring fauna, insects, birds and more. Coming in total to around 70 minutes long, the experiences boost super high def 8K VR tech to give you your eye-candy fix, all with immersive surround sound to really transport you into another world. If you’ve always wanted to meet Sir David, this is probably the next best thing, with the documentarian never leaving your side throughout your voyage into nature. Whether it’s scorpions in the dark or tiny, intricate fungi, you’ll come out of it feeling like you’ve seen life in a whole new way.

When and how can I book?

The David Attenborough Anthology is available to book now over on Otherworld’s website, with tickets priced at £35pp. The experience is available at Otherworld’s outlets in Victoria and Hackney, as well as in Birmingham. Watch the brief teaser trailer below to see what’s in store. 

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