Everything You Need To Know About Mascara Cocktailing

By Tamara Corin | 17th July 2023

It’s not often a TikTok trend stops us in our tracks, but the latest one on our radar is an exception.

Mascara Cocktailing is the transforming makeup hack that’s giving us longer, thicker lashes in minutes. And when we say it’s trending, we’re not kidding. The phrase ‘mascara cocktail’ has over 1.7 million views on TikTok. Even Jessica Alba’s a fan.

Here, makeup artist, Anouska Bloom gives us the lowdown on how to create the viral look.

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What Is Mascara Cocktailing?

Mascara cocktailing is a makeup trend that involves layering different mascaras to create a unique look. By using a cocktail, hence the name, of mascaras, you can tailor to your needs, mood, wardrobe and so on while giving your mascaras extra mileage.

How To Cocktail Your Mascaras

First, ensure there are no oils or residual products along the lashes. To maximise results, curl lashes before applying mascara; this makes the biggest difference! “I love the Shiseido lash curlers”, says Anouska. Consider using a lash primer before you get started.

“Now for the cocktailing, the goal is to look for two main features when it comes to mascara: lengthening and adding volume whilst keeping lashes separated to avoid clumping. The first layer should separate, define, and lengthen lashes. Start at the root and apply upwards in a zig-zag motion to achieve that cat eye effect.”

Finish with a volumising mascara to amp up your lashes to the max.

Top tip: Take a small fan brush and lightly coat the bottom lashes. This adds a liner effect at the root, making lashes darker without overloading the product.

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