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The biggest personality in skincare, you will have had to be living under a rock to not have heard the name Caroline Hirons. One of the skinfluencer community OGs, Caroline has been giving brutally honest opinions to her Skincare Freaks (aka followers) for well over a decade. Already a Sunday Times No.1 Best-Selling Author, Founder of the Beauty Backed Trust and the Skin Rocks app, now Caroline debuts her first ever own-brand skincare – and we are here for it!

So what can we expect from ‘beauty’s most influential woman’?


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Her new line is called Skin Rocks, and is launching with two products initially, with more to come. All of the products are made in the UK, cruelty-free and have been clinically tested.

Skin Rocks Retinoid 1, £65, contains 0.2% Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate, whilst Retinoid 2, £75, contains 0.5% Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate & 0.05% Retinal.

Retinoid 1 is the beginner strength – so best for those who haven’t used a retinoid product before – and is suitable for all skin types.

Retinoid 2 is described as ‘intermediate’ level, so if you already have retinoid products in your skincare routine, this is the one for you.

All packaging is readily recyclable at home and if not recyclable, refillable, to allow you to do your bit for the environment too.

Speaking about the launch, Hirons said: “I wanted to do it my way, I wanted to fund it myself. I didn’t want any investors.

“Yes, it’s been a long time coming. But I didn’t want to do a licensing deal, I didn’t want to to do a JV. I wanted to do it myself, warts and all!”

Explaining the decision to have low retinoid percentage products initially, Hirons said: “I wanted to go slightly differently and work in the opposite way to the way people have been going in the past few years.

“People have been going higher and higher on the percentages and I wanted to produce product for people who haven’t been able to used Retinoids.”

Hirons’ name is not on the product, and even the brand name is on the back, leaving all space on the front to show exactly what the product is for the consumer. It is also highlighted on the product if you should or shouldn’t use it, depending on your skin needs.

Explaining this, Hirons said: “I tell you on the box ‘you will need this or you don’t need this’. If this product is not suitable for you, I will tell you and we will recommend products from other brands. My name is not to be found because it ain’t about me.”

As yet, there is no timeline as to when other products will come but Hirons did say products would only be released when she felt her offering stood up against competitors on the market. For now though, the retinoids are sure to be well-received by her millions of fans.


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