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By | 23rd April 2015

St George’s day is an annual celebration of all things brilliant about England. It’s a day where we celebrate our ridiculous levels of politeness, our masterful use of passive aggression and our ability to slay fiery dragons…well, at least a certain saint’s ability to do that. Whether you stick pictures of her Madge (not Madonna, the other one) all over your walls or simply enjoy a scrumptious scone, you have to do something English for good old St George. Check out our list of the top five things to do on St George’s Day…

Drinks at The Crown and Sceptre:



It would be nigh on impossible to think of a more regal name for this London bar, so it’s the perfect place to go and celebrate our very English monarchy. You can enjoy a good selection of real ales and imported beers, all in the spirit of St George of course. Plus, the walls are adorned with taxidermy, so you can do your best to seek out George’s slain dragon. Word has it that the more you drink, the easier it is to spot.

Where: The Crown and Sceptre 86 Great Titchfield Street | Fitzrovia | London | W1W 6SD
When: Open 10 a.m. – 11 p.m.

Papier Mache Dragons:



We all know that the most exciting part of St George’s story is the fiery dragon he slays to save his damsel in distress. This tale (see what I did there?) would be nothing without the scaly, fire breathing monster, so why not go back to the days of Art Attack on CITV and recreate this British icon? Drink Shop Do in King’s Cross is offering you the chance to do just that. All materials will be provided and there will be a prize for the best Papier Mache dragon at the end of the evening.

Where: Drink Shop Do | 9 Caledonian Road | Kings Cross | London | N1 9DX
When: 23 April, 7 p.m.

St George’s Supper Club:


Ben's Canteen Brunch

The word supper is a divisive one in England. This is because we can’t quite seem to decide whether the meal that comes after lunch should be called dinner, supper, or tea. Whatever the answer to that great British mystery is, Grub Club is teaming up with Ginger Jar Food to bring us a night of classic English foods, with a contemporary twist. A three course meal and cocktails, with tenuous links to patriotism, sounds like the perfect way to celebrate St George’s day to us, so get involved!

Where: Grub Club | Old Laundry | Kings Cross | London | N1 9DG
23rd April, 7:45 p.m.


St George’s Festival:


If you want to be immersed in some medieval debauchery (and why wouldn’t you?) than the St George’s Festival is the only place you need to be this weekend. They’ll be all sorts of English classics, including Morris dancing, Punch & Judy shows, falconry, archery and a medieval market. This is basically like transporting to Sherwood Forest and becoming Robin Hood, which if you ask me, is a pretty ideal situation. Especially if you’re able to steal some riches while you’re there (I know Robin technically gave his riches to the poor, but times are tough ok?)

Where: Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens
When: 25 April, 12 p.m. – 8 p.m.

The Great British – Fish and Chip Restaurant.


Whilst English cuisine isn’t exactly known for its exotic flavours, there’s no denying that classic English dishes are unbeatable. Roast dinners, scotch eggs and Chelsea buns are all culinary greats that have come from England, but surely the best dish is the British classic of fish and chips. So why not treat yourself to a salt and vinegar overdose this St George’s Day by heading to Mayfair’s premier fish and chip restaurant, aptly named ‘The Great British’?

Where: The Great British Restaurant | North Audley Street | London | W1K 6WE.
Open 12 p.m – 10:30 p.m.