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We’re all guilty of having one too many when we’d promised ourselves we’d go home after a swift single. The morning after, rather than opting for the trusty fry-up or *berrying* your head in your pillow, opt for a fruit drink that’ll revive you, leaving you feeling full, fresh and ready for the day.

Although slightly trickier to transport than their older sister, the smoothie, an açai bowl is bursting with nutritional benefits and you can top it with all your favourite breakfast bites. Whether you’re wanting a fresh fruit hit, a protein packed punch or just your standard granola topped bowl, you’ll feel on top of the (breakfast) world, açai style. Here’s our guide to the best açai in London…

Viva Açai

Bringing the açai trend to London back in 2015 was Viva Açai, London’s first cafe dedicated to the açai bowl. They’ve kept it easy for goers by offering just two to choose from, the original or the special. Pile on your toppings and with each bite, you’ll feel more and more like you’re soaking up some rays in Brazil. 

Where: Unit 15, Gloucester Arcade, 128 Gloucester Road, SW7 4SF


Helping Londoners knock their poor eating habits on the head one by one, Juicebaby serves up healthy food that’s accessible, even when you’re on the go. They believe in making small changes to your diet but without depriving yourself from the food you so dearly love. Although on the pricier side, their açai bowls are packed full of healthy ingredients that you know aren’t hurting your body or the environment.

Where: Chelsea / Notting Hill

Raw Press

Offering grab-and-go nutritious plant-based food and drink, at Raw Press you can indulge healthy treats without the guilt. Grab an organic, cold-pressed juice, fill up your bowl with mouthwateringly good açai and you’ll leave feeling like total healthy guru ready to take on the day… It’s even a favourite with Chelsea gal, Lucy Watson.

If you’re craving a chocolate hit without the calories, pile on the cacao – a delish alternative to your average milk choc bar.

Where: Chelsea / Kings Cross


If it’s 100% organic juice you’re after, then stop off at CPRESS. While in search of redefining the average coffee shop experience, CPRESS has without a doubt redefined London’s açai scene and we’re certainly happy about it. Start your morning with a juice shot and finish with one of their fruity fresh bowls of açai goodness – you’ll feel instantly refreshed!

Where: Across London

Granger & Co.

Feel like an Australian goddess as you dive into Granger & Co’s fresh açai bowl topped with berries, banana and vegan granola. Having first opened in Australia in 1993, every Granger & Co still reflects the laidback spirit of down under. Sip on a refreshing juice or spiced milky chai and chow down with an açai bowl – it’s well worth the visit.

Where: Several across London


Get your health on and dine at one of London’s healthiest restaurants, Redemption, as they serve up vegan, sugar-free and wheat-free food. You’ll be transported to an exotic paradise when you taste their tropical smoothie bowl bursting with mango, pineapple, chia seeds, coconut and turmeric, topped with passionfruit, kiwi and blueberries.

And by the time you leave, you might even be stray away from the meat and dairy isle at the supermarket…

Where: Various Locations

Wild Bunch Juicery

On the outskirts of the city, you’ll find Wild Bunch Juicery serving up their take on an açai bowl created with strawberry, banana, açai and almond milk, topped with fresh fruit, goji berries, granola, coconut flakes and bee pollen. People watch by the window or if you’re in a hurry, grab it to go!

Where: 402 Chiswick High Road, W4 5TF

Pride Kitchen

Another plant-based cafe helping to rise the veganism revolution is Pride Kitchen who are on a mission to serve up great plant powered lunches to city-goers. Their picture-perfect açai bowls are as tasty as they are Insta worthy, decked out with all the toppings you could wish for.

Where: 217 Mare Street, E8 3QE


If the city has you feel super sluggish, head down to Bodyism where just one bite of their antioxidant packed açai bowls will have you jumping for joy (or for another bite at least!). Opt for the ‘nourish me’ if you’re wanting a chocolate hit or ‘lean on me’ for a bowl packed out with protein. The ‘beautiful me’ is the ultimate remedy for scaring break outs away, or if you’re just wanted a total berry showstopper indulge in the ‘energise me’ bowl topped with goji berries.

Where: 222 - 224 Westbourne Grove, W11 2RH

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