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The Handbook

After long and tiresome wintery weather, despite it technically being spring, we’ve finally been greeted with the sunshine and we cannot get enough. Say so long to the winter coats and bring on the maxi dresses and sandals. Of course, when the sun comes along, it means we can have a legitimate excuse (not that you need one) to indulge in copious amounts of ice cream as humanly possible. There’s no longer the need to feel guilty or get the side eye from the check-out assistant as you pile in the tubs of your favourite male duo.

That being said, it’s always nice to splash out the extra buck and fully satisfy with some luxury gelato. We’ve complied a list of our favourite gelato shops across London. So what flavour will it be today?

La Gelatiera

Churning its way across London is La Gelatiera, named after the traditional churning process used originally by artisans when making gelato. Hoping to following in his grandfathers footsteps, owner Antonio, has began incorporating a modernised ‘slow food’ twist to his family heritage. The batch is hand-made using only the finest seasonal ingredients and dairy produce. And once you’ve tasted it, you’ll be back for another and then another… If you’re not a dairy lover, fear not. They proudly produce just as delicious dairy-free and vegan alternatives too, winner!

Where: Sites across London

Shot Espresso

Creating silky gelato in small batches in Fulham is Ice and Slice. Using organic milk and cream, Sicilian pistachios and Piedmont hazelnuts, they set out to create the highest quality gelato possible. You’ll also find arguably the best traditional Italian pizza on offer in Fulham here too. So paired together and you’ve got yourself the perfect Italian treat – you might even feel like you’re sitting on an Italian veranda by the end of it… 

Where: Venues across London


Jumping on the CBD bandwagon is Gelupo, creating a bitter chocolate sorbet that’s infused with CBD oil and chunks of rich chocolate brownie running through it. It’s not reduce the fat content but it allows it to become even richer and chocolatier than you can imagine. I mean, who doesn’t love chocolate, right? Especially to help out with a little PMS.

They’re seeking to preserve the dying artisan tradition of Italian gelato making, using special churning equipment and their highly skilled staff works hard to produce outstanding gelato with each and every batch.

Where: 7 Archer Street, Soho, W1D 7AU


On a mission to fulfil their gelato dream is Snowflake Luxury Gelato. And by the looks of it, founder Asad and gelato chef Paolo are certainly fulfilling it! With organic milk coming from a family farm in Somerset to their nuts grown on an Italian mountainside, even their berries from the Kent countryside, they’re proud (and rightly so!), of their stunning traditional gelato. Enjoy a scoop on their a warm crepe or waffle, you won’t regret it.

Where: Various venues around London


Back when you had to search long and far for real Italian style gelato, 3Bis opened up its doors in London for the first time.  And my, oh my, did they change the cities gelato game! Now with two venues in Borough Market and Portobello Road, they continue to serve up exceptional flavours, refreshing busy Londoners fast-walking their way through the city streets.

Where: Portobello Road / Borough Market


Little did 16-year-old Silviano Venchi, back in the 1800s, know that his childhood dream would end up into a worldwide chocolate and gelato sensation. Having started making luxed out chocolates, it’s now 140 years later and Venchi has gained a highly admirable reputation in more than 70 countries.

Their 2007 launch of the Venchi gelato shop and Cioccogelateria saw them create unique gelato flavours each and every day. Totally luxurious and even more indulgent, you can expect a rich flavour from the fresh milk and cream, a frequent occurrence of Piedmont hazelnuts and of course, their delectable chocolate.


Gelateria Badiani

You’ll journey back to the summer of 1932 at Gelateria Badiani where Idilio Badiani opened his first Gelateria in Florence. Gelato maker Orazio Pomposi and his sons took over the shop in 1993 to continue Badiani’s iconic reign. To this day, they continue to champion his legacy and have since opened up stores across London. Made only with cream, milk, sugar and eggs, their world famous buontalenti flavour is as legendary (and delicious) as it sounds.

Where: Many shops across London

Nonna's Gelato

Behind every story, there’s a loving grandma. And that’s exactly where the story starts with Nonna’s Gelato. Learning from their Italian Nonna, the owners brought together their love for their Italian heritage and love of seasonal produce to create one outstanding product. Nonna’s Gelato serves up stunning flavours like their cream tea sorbet, Amalfi lemon and rosemary, and even a gelato take on the British classic Eton mess.