From teeth whitening kits to, quite literally, their lives (through Keep Up With The Kardashians), the Jenner/Kardashian crew will pretty much sell anything.

Love them or loathe them, there’s no denying their business acumen, spearheaded by ‘momager’ Kris, and the latest big bucks deal to be signed by the clan is worth a cool $600 million. This time it’s the youngest and wealthiest of the family in question, Kylie (she’s well surpassed Kimmy K and is the youngest billionaire of all time.)

Twenty-two-year-old mum of one, Kylie has sold a 51% stake in her beauty brand, Kylie Cosmetics, to beauty behemoth Coty. She will remain at the helm of the company and still be in charge of the company’s creative direction, product range and communications. Given that the brand has built a loyal following off the back of Kylie’s success, it seems a sensible decision.

“I’m excited to partner with Coty to continue to reach even more fans of Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skin around the world,” Kylie said. “I look forward to continuing the creativity and ingenuity for each collection that consumers have come to expect and engaging with my fans across social media. This partnership will allow me and my team to stay focused on the creation and development of each product while building the brand into an international beauty powerhouse.”

The news is testament to the fact the Kardashian/Jenners are still as relevant, powerful and rich as ever.

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