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Juice juice baby…

If you’ve managed to get through the first two weeks of your January health kick without stumbling, we salute you! Or, if you’re in search of a little boost to help you get back on track, let us introduce the juice. No, not the concentrated stuff you find lining the shelves in your local superstore, we’re talking about real, fresh juices that are powered by freshness, nutrients and vitamins. To help you find the best London has to offer, we’ve rounded up eight of our favourite juice bars scattered across the city. Happy juicing!

The Good Life Eatery

Shake away the cobwebs with a chill pressed juice courtesy of The Good Life Eatery. Their juices are created to captivate all of the vitamins, enzymes and minerals which help pack in a punch on the flavour front. Whether you’re looking to top up your vitamin C levels or you’re in need of a little green number, The Good Life Eatery has you covered with all of their juicy numbers. And, you can rest easy knowing you won’t find any pulp oozing at the top of your cup…

Where: Various Locations

Image Credit: @wolfandbadger | @rosannafalconer

Raw Press

Of course, it wouldn’t be a juice guide without throwing in a little fruity number from Raw Press. If you’re a girl or guy about town, and haven’t got the time to grab a juice on the go, order in your own personalised juice cleanse that’ll fuel you for the week ahead, or take your time perusing your options in store. Grab yourself a portion of buckwheat waffles and you’ll be ready to take whatever the day throws at you.

Where: Chelsea / King's Cross


Juice cleanses look the part on paper but in reality, aren’t we all supposed to be trying to cut down on plastic? When you’re opting for a juice cleanse to try at home, think environmentally, think PRESS. Having put their sustainable thinking caps on, these guys have introduced a brand new eco bottle using 25% bioplastic, made from sugar cane rather than fossil fuels, and 75% recycled plastic, helping to remove plastic waste from flopping onto a landfill site. Pretty genius, right?

As for the juices themselves, you’ll have probably seen PRESS when you’ve been perusing the food aisles in Selfridges, but PRESS helps to make use of raw ingredients, juicing to maximise the amount of enzymes and nutrients in every bottle.

Where: Selfridges / St Paul's


We can’t concentrate because we’re in need of a turmeric boost from CPRESS. Whether you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up after one too many G&Ts from the weekend, low on energy or trying your hand at your first ever juice cleanse, CPRESS offers organic, cold press juices to fit all of your health kick needs. Plus, their lemonade range packs in a punch without having to overdo on the sugar front.

Where: Fitzrovia / Chelsea / Shoreditch

Juice Baby

New year, new you. Keep your health resolution on point with a little help from Juice Baby this January and embark on making better wellbeing choices for your mind, body and soul. From the mean green juice to the fiery ginger-aid, on fire oregano shot to the purple haze smoothie, Juice Baby has you covered with nutrient packed juices jam-packed with fruity flavours.

Where: Chelsea / Notting Hill


We think we’ve got a crush, crush on you, Crussh.

At the helm of London’s juicing scene you’ll find Crussh who’re quite literally crushing it. Founded back in 1998, Crussh now has 35 stores across the city and the South East, and is only on the rise. Our favourite little number from their ever-expanding menu is their brilliant beet cold press concocting of apple, beetroot, ginger and lemon.

Where: Various Locations Across The City


Change it up and sit in at Redemption. London’s very own vegan, sugar-free, wheat-free and alcohol-free bar knows a thing or two about healthy eating and even more about packing in the flavour on the bevvies. Pair a bright eyes cold pressed juice alongside your very berry pancakes and you’ll be zinging your way through the day.

Where: Notting Hill / Shoreditch / Covent Garden

Wild Bunch Juicery

Say thanks a bunch to Wild Bunch Juicery for adding a slice of freshness to Chiswick Park. For the real deal try their deep green juice and feel yourself nourished with cucumber, celery, green apple, kale, spinach and their signature lemon and ginger shot.

Where: Chiswick High Road, W4 5TF

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