From Marie Kondo’s life-changing magic of tidying to Mrs Hinch’s Minky obsession (that’s a cloth by the way), cleaning is cooler than ever. The most mundane of tasks have been given a new lease of life thanks to influencers, Instagram stars and authors who find pleasure in seeing their reflection in a sparkling kitchen floor or a loo seat so clean you could eat your dinner off of it.

Well, we’ve jumped on the bandwagon to bring you some of the best home cleaning gadgets that will make housework fun. From the loo brush of the future to the hoovers that do it themselves and the five quid cloth that could change your life (kind of), check out our edit below and get your Kim and Aggie on.

Bathroom Cleaning Gadgets

Quite possibly the worst job on the cleaning rota: the bathroom. Make it easier with these handy gadgets…

  1. The Loogun

We’ve been cleaning toilets with a brush since Thomas Crapper (his actual name) invented the modern toilet as we know it back in the 1800s. Surely it’s about time for a change? Enter, The Loogun. A handheld device that sprays a powerful jet of water into the toilet to clean stubborn marks off submerged surfaces. It’s whisper-quiet (to avoid post-toilet trip blushes) and so hygienic you could let your toddler use it as a toy – although we wouldn’t advise.

2. The Mopping Robot

Never mop again, or far less frequently, with this handy little bathroom helper. The iRobot Braava Jet 240 Mopping Robot is small enough to manoeuvre into tight spots and around obstacles so it won’t harm your furniture, rugs or walls. It has three settings depending on the level of dirt and the clever little guy won’t stop until the job is done.

3. The Toothbrush Cleaner

Who knew you needed a cleaning gadget for the gadget that cleans your teeth? Well, you probably don’t but if you’re into gadgets and are somewhat OCD invest in a UV Toothbrush Steriliser. This handy little case uses a UV germicidal lamp that will sterilise your brush in just five minutes. Alternatively simply change your toothbrush regularly, keep it away from the toilet, etc etc. Loogun 2.0 £45 iRobot Braava Jet 240 Mopping Robot £169.99 (was £249) UV Toothbrush Steriliser £15.95

Kitchen Cleaning Gadgets

The most used room in the house deserves the best cleaning paraphernalia. Get your microwave smelling fresh and your countertops so clean you could eat your dinner off of them.

1. The Miracle Cloth

If you’ve not yet heard of the e-cloth, it’s about to change your life. The revolutionary cloth only needs water to get rid of 99% of bacteria thanks to the 480,000 fibres per cm capable of breaking up and removing thick dirt and grease with only humble H2O. The whole range includes clothes, dusters, mops and more. You’re welcome.

2. The Squeegee

Clear your plates with ease with this handy sink helper. OXO’s Dish Squeegee is made of flexible silicone that makes clearing leftover food from plates and bowls a breeze. You won’t know how you lived without it.

3. The Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner

Angry Mama has your back. This ingenious and bizarre looking gadget will degrease and de-grime stinky microwaves in just five minutes. Her elixir of choice is white wine vinegar and water in equal parts – fill her up, pop her in the microwave and watch. She’s eco-friendly, economical and won’t be harmed.

John Lewis e-cloth Starter Pack, Set of 5 Cloths £16.49 OXO Dish Squeegee £6 Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner £10.79

The Robot Helpers

The robots have arrived and they’re surprisingly helpful. From window cleaning cyborgs to hoovers that work themselves, never lift a finger again when it comes to vacuuming.

1. The Ultimate Robot Cleaner

The creme de la creme of cleaning robots, the Irobot ROOMBA S9+ is so clever we’re actually a little scared of it. It takes care of cleaning from start to finish; emptying dirt and dust into a disposable bag that holds 30 bin bag’s worth (!!!), it finds dirt where it’s hiding thanks to a specially angled brush, has an anti-allergen system, pulls grime from carpets and knows exactly where it is in the house at all times. Terrifying and life-changing all in one.

2. The More Affordable Version

If your budget is more modest there are plenty of other robot vacuums out there. From the same brand, check out the Roomba 600 series which will set you back around £200 but a lifetime of arguing who does the hoovering. You can schedule the time you want your floors cleaned through an app on your phone so you don’t even have to be in when he’s working his magic. Bliss.

3. The Hi-TechWindow Cleaner

The George Formby of cleaning gadgets, this guys will clean interior and exterior windows with instructions set up through your smartphone without a shammy in sight.


iRobot Irobot ROOMBA S9+ £1,499.99
iRobot iRobot Roomba 676 £299.99 SMARTBOT Hobot-298 Robot Window Cleaner £379

The Tech Cleaners

Be honest, when was the last time you cleaned your phone? And we don’t mean wiping it down with your jumper sleeve. Phones, laptops, tablets and other personal gadgets are a breeding ground for germs, but worry not. These handy little gadgets will keep your phones and workspaces spick and span.

  1. OXO Electronics Cleaning Brush

This was apparently the top cleaning product to be gifted this Christmas – because nothing says happy holidays quite like personal hygiene. The pen-like tool gently removes hard-to-reach dust and debris from phones, computers and other electronics which are notoriously filthier than your toilet seat.

2. Whoosh! Screen Shine

Ok, not really a gadget per se, but this stuff is the bee’s knees. The sanitising spray and antimicrobial micro-fiber cloth duo keep your phone so clean you could eat a tiny dinner off of it. Simply spray the cloth with the Whoosh! substance, wipe your phone and dry with the clean side of the cloth. Voila! No more grubby finger marks and nasty germs.

3. Mini Portable Desktop Dust Vacuum & Keyboard Cleaner

Lunching al desko again? Pick up crumbs, dust and hair with this cute little guy and ensure you remain the clean freak of the office. OXO Electronics Cleaning Brush £6 Whoosh! Screen Shine £6.42 Mini Portable Desktop Dust Vacuum & Cleaner Keyboard £9.99

Laundry & Self-Care Heroes

These quirky little accessories will make laundry easier and ease the pain of keeping makeup brushes clean.

1. Minky Bobble Remover

If your chunky knits are on repeat during this cold spell and are starting to bobble, you need a Minky. Weird name, essential gadget if you want to keep your cashmere in check.

2. The Sock Dock

We’ve all fallen prey to the Sock Monster post-laundry, but this little guy will ensure your socks stay as they should – in pairs.

3. STYLPRO Pearlescent Brush Care Collection Makeup Brush Cleaner & Dryer

Makeup may cover a multitude of sins but most of us are guilty when it comes to keeping our brushes clean. Pro makeup artists will tell you you should clean them once a week (eek!), if not after every use. Who has time for that? Well, this gadget is nothing but a game-changer. It will clean your brushes better than you ever could without damaging them AND dries them in under 30 seconds. Genius. Minky Bobble Remover £5.99 The Sock Dock £12.42 3. STYLPRO Pearlescent Brush Care Collection Makeup Brush Cleaner & Dryer £29.99

Gadgets For Your Furry Friends

Four legged friends may bring an abundance of joy to your home but with that they bring fur. De-fuzz your abode with these handy gadgets, plus one that will make cleaning the litter tray a thing of the past.

1. Fur Magic Hair Catcher

Remove fur (and hair and lint) from your clothing, bedsheets and blankets with this washing machine gadget.

2. Jlxl Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Pampered pussies can do their business in private with this fully enclosed, self-cleaning litter box. At over £500 a pop, you’ve got to be serious about not wanting to clear up poop. Fur Magic Hair Catcher £8.99 Jlxl Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box £528