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Halloween is almost upon us! If you hear a creak in the stairs when you are home alone at night, are you the person that hides under the safety dome that is your duvet or are you grabbing your ghost hunting kit to try and grab a recording of any paranormal activity? If you are the latter then you need to check out our top 8 haunted places in London.

Tower of London

Historic venue steeped with haunted tales

During its 900 years of existence its no wonder that the Tower of London has a fair few stories to tell and lucky for us most of them are spooky. The most famous ghost is none other than Anne Boleyn whose headless body has been spotted several times wandering the hallways. James I’s cousin, Arabella Stuart, was imprisoned in the tower after marrying against the Monarch’s wishes and after her death (suspected murder) her ghost has been seen in The Queen’s House.

Where: The Tower Of London, London, EC3N 4AB, United Kingdom
Nearest station: Tower Hill (0.2 miles)

The Flask

A pub haunted by heartbreak

Our only romantic tragedy on the list is the tale of a heartbroken barmaid who hung herself in the cellar after being left by the pub owner; she is joined by a man in a Cavalier’s uniform who has also been sighted – no connection to her though. Not a haunting but something haunting is the fact that the pub’s Committee Room is the location of one of the first ever autopsies (most likely on a stolen corpse from the local cemetery).

Where: 77 Highgate W Hill, Camden, London N6 6BU

Bleeding Heart Restaurant

Haunted courtyard with a chilling name to match

So the name is pretty gruesome but the reason behind it is even more so; in 1629 the mutilated body of society beautiful Lady Elizabeth Hatton was discovered in the courtyard. After she was murdered her body had been decapitated and her limbs strewn around – with her heart still said to be pumping blood.

Where: Hatton Garden, Bleeding Heart Yard, off Greville Street, London, EC1N 8SJ, United Kingdom
Nearest station: Farringdon (London) (0.1 miles)

City of London Cemetery

Unusual and inexpiable lights coming from a gravestone

We don’t really need to explain why this one is on here as cemeteries are notorious for being creepy due to the nature of all the dead bodies being buried merely a few feet of soil underneath you. This one has an extra unusual edge though as visitors have reported seeing a brilliant orange light coming from one of the tombstones, investigators have been unable to identify it and it remains a mystery.

Where: Aldersbrook Rd, Manor Park, London E12 5DQ

The Spaniards Inn

More ghosts than you can throw a ouija board at

Dick Turpin was allegedly born here and it’s claimed that some of his dastardly plots were also thought up within these walls, some of his weapons are also on show for punters to see. Dead dwellers said to haunt the venue are former Spanish landlord, Juan Porero, who was murdered by his brother, and an unnamed lady in white.

Where: Spaniards Road, Hampstead, London NW3 7JJ

Theatre Royal Drury Lane

London's oldest and most haunted theatre

There’s something particularly spooky about an empty theatre. Rumour has it that a ‘Man in Grey’ roams London’s oldest and most haunted theatre; the Theatre Royal Drury Lane. Dressed in a hat, wig and cloak he has been seen in the Upper Circle on the fourth row, before disappearing through the wall. Back in the 1800s, builders found a skeleton in the wall with a knife in its chest, leading many people to think that this is the unfortunate Man in Grey.

Where: Catherine Street, London WC2B 5JF

Hampton Court Palace

Female ghosts at Henry VIIIs Palace

With so much death at the hands of Henry VIII it comes at no surprise that one of his favourite residences, Hampton Court Palace, is haunted to this day, and primarily by female ghosts. Ill-fated wife, Catherine Howard’s screams have been heard from the gallery and, one evening in 1999, two female visitors fainted in the exact same spot as her screams were heard.

Where: Hampton Court Palace, Surrey, KT8 9AU, United Kingdom
Nearest station: Hampton Court (0.2 miles)

Royal Albert Hall

Ghosts haunting the auditorium

One night in 1996, chief executive Patrick Deuchar called in the ghostbusters to suss out exactly what the problem was. Two giggling girls and a man known as Father Willis who designed the organ and a Victorian man supposedly walk the corridors. These ghosts have been spotted multiple times over the years, by both visitors and staff.

Where: Kensington Gore, London SW7 2AP