The 7 Secrets To Influencer Targeting

The 7 Secrets To Influencer Targeting

Three years ago, the average person needed to see an advert 6 times before they responded to it, that number has now risen to an average of sixteen exposures, because of this the world of marketing, advertising and media has undergone an enormous power shift in recent years, driven by consumers’ demand for more authenticity from brands. The rise of digital influencers and celebrity influencers has gone through the roof. One of the main drivers of influencer marketing is the fragmentation of consumer attention but also we are no longer just interested in watching television, our attention is spread across various digital channels, with a major focus on social networks. Other huge platforms such as YouTube and Instagram are currently seeing a lot of the influencer marketing spend but platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are also on the rise every day.

With the emergence of this new type of marketing, technology is being developed to improve the effect and reach of influencers. Existing influencer platforms are becoming more sophisticated in matching brands to influencers

This area is of great interest to me personally as I set up The Handbook VIP which allows users to connect with thousands of celebrities providing details of their full agent, manager and publicist. Currently there is an enormous interest in digital influencers, and this area has become huge for us . People come to our site for influencers’ insights now almost as much as celebrities. As well as providing the influencers’ contact details, users are now equally interested in the demographic data which allows companies to determine the influencers that are right for their brand. You might think a set influencer is perfectly suited to your business, but actually what is key is how relevant their audience is to you, so, providing the user with clear data on the interests of the audience, their location, their spending habits and social status is of equal importance.

So what is an influencer exactly? Well we are all pretty familiar with the word celebrity, most of us had disillusioned fantasies of becoming one since we were small, (don’t even try to deny it) but what exactly is a digital influencer? Unfortunately, this is a subject that confuses many. If someone asked us if we knew what a digital influencer was most of us would nod our heads knowingly. If we were asked to define it, we might be stuck for words. Clue: It’s not a member of the IT Crowd, sitting in a dark basement manipulating digital software.

Digital influence is the ability to create an effect, change opinions and behaviours, and drive hopefully measurable outcomes online. Digital influence is largely a phenomenon of social networking. The everyday internet user is subject to a barrage of noise and content. Many digital influencers are famous for just being themselves, documenting their lives as normal people. In a sense being famous for not being famous. Or at least this is what it looks like on the surface. Wrong! Nobody is an overnight success, they just weren’t famous before. It takes years to create a successful brand and following. Unlike traditional celebrities, they may not have a team of people behind the face that makes it all happen.

How to find the right influencer or celebrity for your brand?

The key thing is to identify the celebrities and influencers that are likely to be most suited to your brand. The Handbook VIP allows you to identify the celebrities that fit with your brand through allowing you to search by profession but also to identify the celebrities audience, who are these people that are searching for a ‘set celebrity’ what are their interests, where do they live. If for example you are a travel business or travel brand, and you are interested in a set influencer you ensure that influencers audience is also interested in travel. The Handbook VIP gives you this detailed break down by key demographics.

Put together a list of a minimum of 10-20 celebrities contacts and influencers that could be suitable for your requirements, so that you increase your chances of a good response. In most instances, there will be various celebrities and influencers that can support your cause or endorse your brand.


The more celebrities and influencers you write to, the better your chance of a productive outcome. If you have not heard back, you can always follow up – doing this via phone conversation or even a handwritten letter generally yields the best results. Remember that celebrities and their agents are being constantly bombarded with products and letters, so do not despair if you do not immediately get a response.

Get to know the celebrity

This is one of the key things I would always suggest anyone does when gifting to a celebrity or influencer. Actually get to know what the celebrity likes and the sort of things they are likely to promote. As well as what they like, look at what their problems are and how your brand can solve them. When Estée Lauder first started out she gifted celebrities – the company is now worth $5 billion with Kendall Jenner the current face of it. Other smaller brands, such as Rodial, gifted to Kylie Jenner. She Instagrammed the product to her millions of followers, and sales went through the roof, from just the cost of one product.

We’ve just launched a really unique tool where you can compare the social following of different celebrities, in the form of growth charts, so you can see which celebrities have risen the most that week in terms of following. You can also compare celebrities in terms of social rank and brand influence.

Influencers now represents new opportunities for brands to reach consumers through channels that they trust. Consumers attitudes have changed. However the celebrity pull is also still strong and represents some of the most memorable campaigns and adverts. I believe both areas need to be explored , there is no set rule as to which is more effective, as they both do different things and will create different results amongst different businesses. The key is in identifying the correct ambassadors and endorsers for you your business.

For those that are serious about exponential growth from celebrities or influencers, I encourage you to try our recently launched Handbook PRO  which allows you to reach thousands of celebrities and influencers very quickly through targeted campaigns.

People often ask me, “What does it take to get a celebrity or influencer raving about my product or business?”. My answer is that it takes a lot of determination, perseverance, a plan of action, making use of The Handbook’s celebrity resource and also following our secret path and strategies. “How do we do this?” The Handbook VIP will show you how. This is the path which will take you step by step towards wealth, prosperity and exponential growth. I have also recently written my own book on this which I urge you to read from beginning to end: not only do you save the time and money I spent creating it, but you also save months and years of wasted time, because you won’t be making the mistakes others have made, you will be contacting the right people, the right way from the beginning. There is no trial and error.

I constantly have to remind my members and subscribers that celebrity association should not be an option. It should be part of every company’s marketing plan. In today’s world celebrities and influencers dominate social media, news headlines, TV channels and people’s conversations, with celebrities gracing the cover of every magazine, and getting a stronger online presence than ever through their social media following. Using social media as their online currency, brands can be made or broken through as little as a tweet or a social media post.

Celebrities and influencers dominate every aspect of the media. We want to know what they eat and wear, and where they party, holiday and shop. This interest isn’t just about adults – teenagers and even children have become obsessed with celebrities too.

Top celebrities (and influencers) get approached by hundreds of people and companies weekly, wanting their support to endorse their product, support their charity or attend a high pro le event. This means that being able to successfully communicate with the celebrity of your choice is crucial.

Now I am guessing for a lot of you this may not be your first attempt at reaching out to celebrities and influencers. You may have tried it and failed in the past, and that’s not your fault. It’s hard to get hold of the right people without the resources, and it’s also hard to know the best way to approach them.

If you’ve been concerned in the past that you can’t grow your brand through endorsement, or maybe you’ve not felt your product is good enough, then let me tell you, it is possible, you can do this and get incredible results. You just need the right person to show you how to do it.

Big corporations want you to think you need a lot of venture capital or some enormous brand, but this is not true. Whether you have a big brand, or have recently set up your own small brand at home with just you, whatever situation you’re in we can help and we really want you to fulfil your dreams. So that is what I am here for today: I know you have a dream for big reach for your brand or service, and I want to help you fulfil l that dream through celebrity alignment.

The Secret Formula

My goal today is to show you how this new opportunity we are about to present to you will grow your brand or service ultimately raise the profile of it and help you reach all your targets and goals.

For those of you that are new to this and maybe have just set up on your own a small business, I will show you how to reach out to individual celebrities an and get the response you’re after for the cost of a stamp.

Customise your product for a celebrity or influencer.

Celebrities and influencers are more likely to wear a product if it is customised – it may take longer but you will reap the rewards. For example, ClaireaBella gifted bags to Charlotte Crosby from Geordie Shore and Binky from Made in Chelsea.

Juicy Couture is another great example of a brand that grew from noting they set up the company with $200 and grew it into a multi million pound business with the likes of Madonna and Paris Hilton frequently wearing their products. The owners Gela and Pamela turned it into a multi million pound business, and the growth was largely down to celebrity gifting and sending out personalised gifts. They sent out a personalised hoodie to Madonna and it went all around the world, so they then sent them to Cameron Diaz with ‘Cameron’ on, and one to Drew Barrymore with ‘Mrs Green’ on, as she was married to ‘Tom Green’ at the time. Any time someone got married the business women sent them personalised tracksuits.

Proven Secrets to Celebrity & Influencer Endorsement

How to get a celebrity raving about your product or brand?

Create a niche product

Some of you may feel you’re a real expert in skin products, or dating or weight loss. But the money is not in the submarket. To make your product stand out and get noticed you might want to consider choosing a niche. What can you offer people that is special and different? The goal is to carve out a unique spot. The mistake people often make is they start looking at niches in their field and a good one and go with that. The problem is they are jumping into an existing niche, and if they are the fifth or sixth person in that niche its the waters are already muddy. I suggest you choose your own new niche product. Carve out your new spot, and offer them something really different no one else is likely to have given them or spoken to them about.

How to get a celebrity raving about your product or brand.

Approach a celebrity or influencer in person.

This can be a tricky one and may sound scary- the last thing you want is to be taken away by security. Be respectful and know your boundaries! Just being photographed with a celebrity or influencer can do wonders for your reputation even if it’s not directly related to the product. Find out where celebrities and influencers will be appearing, for example club nights, book signings or charity events. It is possible to find out where celebrities and influencers may be from The Handbook ‘What’s On’ page, here.

Product placement at gifting suites or product placement at high profile events.

These gifting suites are often organised by PR or gifting companies and you will have a ‘booth’ at the event or place your products in attendee gift bags. These often require hefty fees (thousands of pounds) to participate and anyone who walks into the gifting suite can pick up a free sample of your product. This means you can often get a photo of a celebrity or influencer holding or using your product, but the disadvantage is that you don’t have control over who that is.

While celebrity gifting can be great for PR, not all products are suited for this. In order for your efforts to pay off, here are the types of products that are a good:

•    Apparel (clothing, jewellery, etc.) that the celebrity can be photographed wearing

•    Beauty Products

•    Handbags

•    Footwear

•    Perfumes

•    High end Liqueurs

•    National chains dealing in spas, massage, manicures and beauty treatments.

•    Children’s items, like toys and clothes

Additionally, get your product into goody bags, such as The Glamour Woman of the Year Awards. More often than not, if you provide products, you get invitations to attend the event. You can view all high profile events in our diary.

What’s the cost and lead time?

To get your product at a gift suite or event there’s a range in cost, anywhere from £500-£3000 per each gift bag item or basket. If you want to appear inside the gift suites where you can have a booth display and a representative on hand to interact with the celebrities the cost can run anywhere from £5,000 and up. The cost of main sponsorship is considerably higher at around £50,000 and up

When is the best time to get in touch with vendors?

If you’re interested in say the Academy Awards, then March is a good time to start getting in touch with vendors. The Golden Globes takes place in January, and most of these spots are sold out by the Summer time.

Why is it worth getting my product in gift bags?

Having your items selected can really boost business in the following ways:

• The chance of a high profile celebrity or influencer being photographed using or wearing the product.
• Have celebrities becoming future customers
• Posting on social media relating to your product at the event
• Mentions in media releases
• Mentions in the press that your product was selected to be in the gift bag
• Opportunity for celebrity spokesman or endorsement and to engage the celebrity with our products you may have e.g. you could include a note with your product such as ‘We would love to introduce you to the other lines in our collection, please do drop me an email and we would love to send you some more products.’

How to get a celebrity raving about your product or brand:

What sort of events work?

There are loads of different events that would work, our events section has a ton of great awards, all which generally have gifting. Key events include BAFTAS, Emmy awards, Grammy awards, Actors Guild Awards, Toronto lm festival and the Oscars. Don’t do just one event and then give up if you don’t get the exposure you want. The better the product and the more suited it is to the event the greater the chance that you will get the response you are after. The Handbook  features all celebrity events for branding here 

What sort of products work in goodie bags?

If you want to get free PR then your product should have a novelty factor that piques press interest. This year’s Vampire Breast Lift® cream in the bags of Oscar attendees is a case in point. Admittedly, it’s difficult to come up with a bizarre plastic surgery procedure at home. However you can always take a common household object and sell it at a 2,000% mark-up. This year’s goodie bag also included a roll of $275 luxury loo paper.

This year’s Oscars gift bag also contained personalised M&M’s; perhaps appealing to narcissism – this could be a worthwhile strategy.

Gift your products to celebrity assistants.

Sometimes taking the indirect route can work – contact the celebrity’s assistant. It’s the assistant who is likely to write back via email etc – these people are the gate keepers and the celebrity communicates with them every day. Some celebrities even end up in personal relationships with their assistant, for example, Kristen Stewart and her assistant Alicia Cargile.

Grab their attention; this is usually the first thing the celebrity and agent will read. It’s important to get them interested and get them out of their current environment or activity. For example:

Hi Sarah,

I am Elly Stancliffe, founder of The Handbook and I want to officially welcome you to my world. About 10 years ago, I started my first online business and this hobby became my obsession and business.

Relate it to them early on.

Who/position: Who are you? Introduce yourself very briefly. Show/tell why they should they listen to you.
What: What do you have? Introduce your product or offer briefly. It’s important not to just go on about the opportunity; show how you deliver value.
Why: Why do you need it? Explain the benefits of your offer and ideally relate it to them.

I read your interview in xxx magazine, where you said you have dry skin, or you don’t wear make-up, If you’re struggling with ‘dry skin’ then I would love you to try this because it will help …

I read your great interview in xxx on xxx and I’ve got a question for you

I’ve got this great face cream that’s going to really radiate your skin

I read your interview in [xxx] magazine, where you said you have dry skin, or you don’t wear make-up. If you’re struggling with ‘dry skin’ then I would love you to try this because I think it will help.

Call to action: Ask for something small – If you like it let me know and I would love to keep sending you more.

The process is about sending a great product that’s going to add great value to someone. So instead of screaming for attention, you attract attention by giving value before there is a hint of asking for anything in return. Life gives to the givers and takes from the takers. Giving something as a whole is a lot easier than trying to pay for promotion, throughout this entire sequence you’re layering in all the mental triggers. Since you’re sending a free gift, you will hit the reciprocity trigger and by showing your knowledge of the topic and your position, therefore you hit the authority trigger. The more you reach out to them, the trust will become stronger between you and that person resulting in more feedback and hopefully their thank you’s will help build a community and endorsement.

I really hope that instead of feeling overwhelmed you’re excited to get started reaching out to celebrities, which will become a really incredible vehicle for growth in your business. If you need help doing this please do email me, and we can help suggest the correct celebrities to grow your brand and even make contact with them on your behalf. We have extremely close relationships with agents and managers, so can always negotiate the best rates on your behalf. For those that are serious about exponential growth from celebrity endorsement, I also encourage you to try our recently launched Handbook PRO which allows you to reach thousands of celebrities about their brand very quickly through targeted campaigns. I have also recently written my very first book ‘Proven secrets to celebrity and influencer endorsement which I would love you to check out. It provides so many tips and advice on how to get celebrity and influencers working with you, it also tells you some of the big mistakes so many people make which you can easily avoid, by reaching out to talent the correct way.

Contact any celebrity or influencer now

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