Let’s face it, Brits aren’t exactly forward about baring all. Even when it comes to the beach we like to keep as many clothes on as possible. Our Victorian sensiblities aren’t shared across much of the globe, where nakedness is regarded as somewhat more natural. So would you dare to wobble all over these beaches?

Cala Jondal, Ibiza

Whilst some probably only have to see the word ‘Ibiza’ to think of getting their kit off, we’re here to tell you that no matter how much drink you slurp back, there are actually designated spots for getting in the nude. A 15-minute skinny dip from Ibiza Town (or party land if you will), the beach, surrounded by pines and jagged cliffs, is the ideal place to sleep off that Pina-colada based hangover and let the sun do the rest. It is the White Isle after all…

Website: www.ibiza-spotlight.com

Black's Beach, La Jolla, California

How we do like to be beside the seasi- wait, what’s that we see down on Black’s Beach? Oh, a whole host of naked bathers letting the sand get in all sorts of nooks and crannies, ah, just another day at La Jolla by the Sea in California then. Yes, this beach is renowned for its naked basking and no-clothes allowed form – I did often wonder why Californians always looked so flawlessly tanned! The isolated spot is located north of Scripps Pier, beneath the Torrey Pines Gliderport and close to UCSD, United States. If Black’s doesn’t tickle your fancy, there’s also Gunnison Beach in Sandy Hook, NJ and at least 2two beaches in Florida (Haulover and Blind Creek), as nude beaches to enjoy.

Well, better get glad rags on…(or take them off, whichever works).

Website: www.lajollabythesea.com

Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro

Bottoms are completely bared at this next beach, oh, and boobs and…yep, all the other good stuff. Perhaps the most renowned of them all, Copacabana in Brazil welcomes truck lands of naked bathers who will be laughing at us as they continue their day into the night with no ugly bikini strap marks and red-raw tan lines. The beach, famed for its crescent-shape, will have you peeking under your sunnies at the views… (we’re talking about the coastline views, of course).

Website: www.rio.com

Cap d'Agde, France

Cap d’Agde Naturist Village markets itself as the world’s biggest nudist beach resort and can amass upto 40,000 seething nakey nakey bodies a day in high season. And its not just on the beach, you can stut your stuff around the town too, go shopping (maybe avoiding the freezer aisle), head to the bank, whatever. All naked.

Website: www.capdagde.com

Neve Midbar, Israel

If you thought that the Middle East wasn’t going to be a place to find nudist beaches then you obviously didn’t factor in Israel. Neve Midbar, located in Israel’s north Dead Sea is salty in more ways than one. Get your nudey on, float in the salty water or lather yourself in the black cleansing mud that the region’s famous for.

Website: www.deadsea.com

Koversada, Croatia

Offering ‘all the comforts of home without the restraint of clothes’ Koversada is a haven for naturists. With a stunning beach (and stunning guests, if the marketing’s anything to go by (we’re sure it’s not)) and its own apartment complex this is a great place to come to feel natural.

Website: www.maistra.com

Cleats Shore, Isle of Arran, Scotland

If you’re a glutton for punishment, though, and want to see single every inch of your skin covered in goosebumps, then head to Scotland’s only nudist beach at Cleat’s Shore on the Isle of Arran. Scotland’s only nudist beach it’s perfect for anyone searching for a nudist beach north of the border.

Website: www.visitarran.com