The US TV romcom anthology series Modern Love, which has run for two seasons so far on Amazon Prime, is getting a new rebooted version set in Tokyo. Both the US and Japanese versions of the show are based on the New York Times column of the same name, and draw inspiration from the various stories and essays featured.

The Tokyo incarnation of the series adapts different stories to the ones in the original Modern Love to make them more familiar and appealing to viewers in Tokyo and Japan in general.

Much like the American version, Modern Love Tokyo is an anthology series, telling different, unconnected (other than in themes) stories in each of its seven episodes. The stories all depict love in its various forms, and different ways it can be expressed by people, told in a fun and witty way that’ll endear you as well as make you laugh.

As you’d expect, the series is in native Japanese, with English subs available, and features a largely Japanese cast, including Asami Mizukawa, Hiromi Nagasaku, Yusuke Santamaria and Sôsuke Ikematsu. It does also feature a few actors from other countries, most notably Aladdin and Anatomy of a Scandal star Naomi Scott. It’s also directed by Japanese directors Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Naoko Ogigami, Ryûichi Hiroki, Nobuhiro Yamashita and Naoko Yamada, as well as Atsuko Hirayanagi, who serves as showrunner.

One of the most exciting aspects of Modern Love Tokyo is episode seven, which is presented entirely in anime style. A fully animated instalment is a first for the series, and will feature a full voice cast, including Atsuko Maeda, Nana Eikura, Tasuku Emoto, Ran Itô, Ryo Ishibashi, Ryô Narita, and Kaho. Haru Kuroki and Masataka Kubot. Amazon are clearly banking on worldwide audiences finally opening up to foreign language programming, and looking to recreate the success of Squid Games and Lupin. Erika North, head of Amazon Studios’ Originals section, said: “We believe that putting the spotlight on the very best stories from Japanese creators will not only excite our Japanese viewers, but also audiences around the world.”

Modern Love Tokyo is set to debut in Japan and worldwide on Amazon Video on 21st October, and if you can’t enough Modern Love, then you can also get excited for the Dutch adaptation Modern Love Amsterdam, which will arrive later this year.

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