From hard-to-read memoirs to tongue-in-cheek comedic anecdotes, we’ve rounded up the eight best autobiographies to come out over the last few months. Read on to find everything from Stanley Tucci’s life through food to Edward Enninful’s story of groundbreaking success.

Jennette McCurdy – I’m Glad My Mom Died 

Everyone has been talking about this one. You may have even seen clips from her appearance on Red Table Talk where she told all to hosts Jada Picket Smith, Willow Smith, and Willow’s grandmother, Adrienne Banfield Norris. But one thing is for certain: it’s a must-read. 

Jennette McCurdy, the former iCarly star, reveals all about her struggles and complicated relationship with her mum. Heartbreaking to read and yet dusted with hilarious commentary from McCurdy, she lifts the lid on the dark underbelly behind child acting. 


Zarifa Ghafari – Zarifa: A Woman’s Battle In A Man’s World 

Forced to attend education in secret, Zarifa Ghafari became the only female mayor in Afghanistan at just 26. An icon and beacon of hope for women not only in Afghanistan but around the world, she helped end corruption in Kabul, promoted peace and tried to raise women, despite constant oppression and fear forced on herself and her family. In 2021 when the Taliban took Kabul she was forced to flee but she returned six months later to continue her work. 

In this honest memoir, Zarifa describes the work she did (and continues to do), the women she is determined to help as they live under Taliban rule and her vision for the future for women everywhere. 

Miriam Margolyes – This Much Is True 

From award-winning actor to now becoming a TikTok icon at the grand age of 80, Miriam Margolyes has released an autobiography that charts her extraordinary life. Settle in for a journey through her childhood and reputation for being ‘the naughtiest girl Oxford High School ever had’ to becoming the first woman to say f**k on TV (on University Challenge).

Melanie C – Who I Am  

Sporty Spice opens up about what it was really like being in The Spice Girls, from answering an ad in the paper to the release of their first hit single, ‘Wannabe’. Her life changed overnight and it wasn’t always as easy as it seems being in the flashing lights. 

Edward Enninful – A Visible Man

The man that helped redefine the fashion industry, Edward Enninful’s memoir follows his groundbreaking career, becoming the first Black editor-in-chief of British Vogue. A Visible Man sets out to look back at his journey into the exclusive industry, sharing how he a Black, gay, working-class refugee forged his way to success. Read Enninful’s life-changing and trailblazing story.



Stanley Tucci – Taste  

Award-winning actor turned foodie Stanley Tucci has been cropping up on the food scene more and more of late, and we’re glad he has because his recipes are bursting with flavour and authenticity. This autumn sees him release a brand new non-fiction book centred around his life through food. 

Taste takes its readers on a journey through life and food, brimming with witty memories and anecdotes from Tucci’s life. From being raised in Westchester, New York and filming Big Night and Julie & Julia to falling in love over dinner, this is a heartfelt narrative built around the good, the bad and the delicious. 


Billy Connolly – Windswept & Interesting: My Autobiography 

He may be a comedic legend, but in his first full-length autobiography we see a different side to the Big Yin. Windswept & Interesting: My Autobiography takes a look at Connolly’s life, from being an orphan and abused by his own family to wielding his way to becoming the successful musician, actor and comedian we know and love. 

Paul Newman – The Extraordinary Life Of An Ordinary Man 

Released 14 years after his death, The Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Man offers fans a raw, complex and untainted look into the Hollywood star’s life. Covering 75 years, the memoir draws on everything from his traumatic childhood, his career, his drinking, his greatest roles, his life with Joanne Woodward, and his utmost fears. Throughout you’ll also find thoughts from Joanne Woodward, Tom Cruise and more. 

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