Pet Influencers Are On The Rise: Here’s 8 You Need On Your Radar…

The influencer space is huge, and pet influencers are becoming big business (yes, really!). Our four-legged friends aren’t just cute to look at in the local park – they have taken over our social media feeds too. Becoming a pet influencer can be a lucrative business, as brands have noticed that pet-focused social media accounts gain a lot of traction for their feel-good nature, and have decided to use this cuteness to their advantage.

Globally, the pet economy has never been higher. According to the American Pet Products Association, there are over 90.5 million households in the United States that own pets, and 3.2 million pet owners in the United Kingdom. What began as pet owners posting cute videos of their animals has evolved into a chance for big brands and creators to break into a new market. Creators who are able to blend their passion for animals and social media have turned their beloved cats, dogs or even foxes into social media icons, rivalling the earning power and reach of some leading human creators. Because of this, fashion and beauty brands are now taking the opportunity to appeal to highly engaged consumers who want to dress and pamper their pets in a way that expresses their style and needs.

Latest research has revealed how there are more than four million pets in the UK earning money for their owners through brand partnerships and merchandise sales. Data from American web hosting platform GoDaddy found that pet owners are set to earn an average of £15,224 in 2022, with dogs (£15,627) commanding higher fees than cats (£12,895).

Historically, very few high-end brands have sold pet products. Until recent years, Aesop and Kiehl’s were some of the slim few that took part in this emerging market. But with the rise of pet influencers, many premium brands are now taking part in this ingenious marketing opportunity. In 2021, beauty retailer Lookfantastic, owned by The Hut Group, which also owns Cult Beauty, introduced pet care. Luxury brands such as Gucci, Celine, Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss and Christian Louboutin have all launched pet products in the past year.  

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Our Favourite Pet Influencers


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A post shared by Chowder (@chowderthebeardog)

Chowder The Bear Dog

Followers: 399k

With over 300k followers, Chowder promotes his favourite treats, oral care products, clothes, and so much more. Chowder also shares all his adventures with his two brothers, Tofu and Baewolf. With his adorable, fluffy appearance, Chowder has taken the internet by storm and continues to expand his reach.

Instagram: @Chowderthebeardog

Tiktok: @Chowderthebeardog

Nala Cat 

Followers: 4.5m

Nala uses her platform to promote her own premium cat food brand, Love and Nala Co. With her adorable daily videos and pictures, Nala keeps everyone entertained and even convinces some to purchase her quality food. 

Instagram: @nala_cat


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A post shared by Nala Cat ™ (@nala_cat)


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A post shared by JUNIPER & FRIENDS (@juniperfoxx)

The Happiest Fox

Followers: 2.9m

When you think of pet influencers, you probably think of cats and dogs, but Juniper the fox also needs to be considered. Juniper is a North American Red Fox born in captivity and living her life in a home full of other rescued exotic animals. Because of genetic differences, Juniper cannot be released into the wild, but as you can see from her photos, you can tell she lives a very happy life.

In Juniper’s pictures, you can always see her wide smile and happy demeanour; however, that’s not all her page is. Juniper’s platform is also used to educate people on why wild animals don’t make great pets and give information about exotic rescue animals. 

Instagram: @juniperfoxx


Mr Gizmo the Pug 

Followers: 17.5k 

Gizmo the pug is a professional model, actor, AND pet influencer. Gizmos’ page is full of charming posts showcasing his many adventures with his human family and the amazing brands he promotes. Gizmo has worked with many notable brands, including Wimbledon Tennis, Nissan, and Amazon. Gizmo is always sharing the hottest clothes and toys on the market for your pet friends. 

Instagram: @mrgizmothepug


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A post shared by MrGizmoThePug (@mrgizmothepug)


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A post shared by Boobie (@boobie_billie)

Boobie Billie

Followers: 270k

This rare Italian greyhound-chihuahua mix is taking the internet by storm. Over the years, Boobie has worked with multiple notable brands, such as Goldman Sachs and Kellogg’s. Boobie even has a book deal and her own franchise.

Instagram: @boobie_billie

Tika the Iggy

Followers: 1.1m

Tika is an 11-year-old Italian Greyhound who’s been in the influencer business since 2016. Tika is one of the most glamorous dogs ever. She regularly attends New York and Milan fashion weeks, wearing the hottest emerging designers. You can always see Tika in her favourite brands like Valentino, Fendi, and Crocs.

Instagram: @tikatheiggy


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A post shared by tika the iggy (@tikatheiggy)


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A post shared by Zappa The Cat (@zappa_the_cat)

Zappa the Cat

Followers: 110k

The fluffy white cat originally started on Instagram to promote her owner’s DIY fashion pieces. Zappa can often be seen in streetwear and is sponsored by brands such as Supreme, Stone Island and Off-White.

Instagram: @zappa_the_cat

Tito the Raccoon

Followers: 683k

Tito the Raccoon shares his adventures on social media to help erase the stigma about raccoons. Many people see raccoons as pests, and Tito is here to show you just how cute and sweet a little trash panda can be. Tito started his influencer journey in May of 2017 and has grown into an Internet sensation since then. On Tito’s website, fans can even purchase custom paintings created by the raccoon. 

TikTok: @titotheraccoon


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A post shared by Tito the Raccoon (@titotheraccoon)

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