7 Podcasts Hosted By Couples To Curl Up With This Valentine’s

By Rufus Punt | 9th February 2023
best couple podcasts

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and to get you in the romantic mood we’re listening to some of our favourite podcasts hosted by couples. Couples podcasts (couple-casts?) come in all forms, with some dedicated to living together and being in a relationship, or having kids, or just a shared interest that brings two people together. Read on to find your next listening obsession:


Shagged Married Annoyed - best couple podcasts

Shagged Married Annoyed

Easily one of the most popular couple podcasts, Chris and Rosie Ramsey host this very funny podcast that focuses on some of the big topics in life, and in particular on relationships, marriage and children, as you might gleam from the title. The pair let it all out in the show, sharing details of what they’ve been beefing about, how they’ve been managing to parent this week and taking questions from the audience. It’s been wildly successful, getting some 100 million downloads and spawning a live tour that’s returning in 2023.


Partners In Crime

Quickly gaining popularity after starting last year, Partners in Crime is hosted by former Love Island host Laura Whitmore and husband and current Love Island narrator Ian Stirling. Rather than chatting about much in the way of relationships and living together, the two get stuck into some of the notorious criminal cases throughout history. The stories are often pretty bizarre and not what they seem. Some reference popular crime TV and films, like “The Thelma and Louise Case” and “The Real Life Dexter”, others tackle famous stories like Bonnie & Clyde, and some have to be listened to just for the great title, like “The Shark Arm Murder” or “The Cannibal Cake Maker.”


partners in crime - best couple podcasts
couples therapy - best couple podcasts

Couples Therapy

A podcast hosted by comedians Naomi Ekperigin and Andy Beckerman, Couples Therapy is one of the best pods to listen to if you want embarrassing or heartwarming stories of love and romance. Naomi, who’s written for Broad City and appeared in Apple TV’s Mythic Quest, and Andy Beckerman, who’s worked on the Pete Holmes Show and How To Be A Couple, are a real-life couple who sit down with actors and other comics to chat about love, like SNL star Bowen Yang and London Hughes (who hosts her own dating themed podcast London actually). It’s delightful and funny listen with plenty of back episodes to dive into.


The Froth

Another comedy podcast hosted by a married couple who are both comedians, The Froth sees Rhod Gilbert and wife Sian Harries chatting about fun and irreverent topics away from the often bleak news cycle. According to the show’s website, it’s named The Froth because froth is “something appealing, but with no serious value or interest; worthless or insubstantial talk” which is the couple in a nutshell. Comedians like Zoe Lyons, James Acaster and Greg Davies have appeared in the show, and with episode titles like “Owner spends thousands on vet for farting dog before discovering real culprit” and “Swinger happy not to share his wife, but not his chips”, it’s hard not to see the appeal.


The Froth - best couple podcasts
Firecrotch & Normcore - best couple podcasts

Firecrotch & Normcore: A Succession Podcast

HBO’s Succession is one of the biggest and best shows on TV, and with a fourth season in our sights, it’s time to get ready to jump back into the world of Logan Roy and his scheming family. There are a number of podcasts inspired by the show, and one of the best is Firecrotch & Normcore. Hosted by husband and wife duo Geoff Lloyd (who you’ll have heard if you listen to BBC Radio 5 Live) and comedian Sara Barron, who’s appeared on Live at the Apollo and Would I Lie To You?, a podcast is a place for all things Succession. The pod began at the beginning of Succession’s third season, and pulls apart each episode piece by piece, as well as feverishly theorising on what might happen next. It’s particularly good if you’re catching up on the show and want something to listen to as you go along. If you’re one to go “we’ve been watching” when chatting about TV binges with other couples, then Firecrotch & Normcore is one for you.


Daddy Squared: The Gay Dads Podcast

A podcast for gay men who are in the midst of parenthood, or want to be parents someday, Daddy Squared is hosted by married couple Yan and Alex. Living in LA with 6-year-old twins, the pod centres around chatting about the trials and tribulations of raising children, as well as general relationship issues and advice. Self-growth is one of the big themes here, and each episode sees the pair invite a guest on to talk to about relationships and children, from adoption experts to parenthood gurus. Parenting in the LGBTQ+ community is the particular focus, and there are also episodes dedicated to being a gay father in various countries, like Brazil, Ireland, Israel, the UK and Denmark.


Daddy Squared - best couple podcasts
Dead Ass - best couple podcasts

Dead Ass with Khadeen and Devale Ellis

A Webby award-winning podcast hosted by married couple Khadeen and Devale Ellis, Dead Ass is a pod dedicated to all areas of relationships and married life. It’s a fun listen but deals with important things that all couples need to tackle at some point in their time together, from how to make decisions and find a compromise, to giving each other enough independence and space and how to get over difficult relationship hurdles. There are also a lot of episodes that give good advice on parenting, like “Why Our Kids Don’t Have Social Media”, which addresses the enticing but also often perilous world of social media and being online. Nothing is left off the table, and Dead Ass will inspire you to work on your relationship in new ways.


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