Imagine the scenario, you walk off the plane, finally able to soak up the sun but this time there’s a difference: you can confidently speak the language and experience the country in a whole new way. With travel back on, now’s the perfect time to finesse a new language in time for your holiday break. 

There’s no excuse to learn the language you’ve always dreamt about learning and truly immerse yourself in the culture. 


Duolingo seems like an obvious place to start but if you haven’t given the chirpy green bird a go, you really should. It’s super easy to use, with over 30+ languages available to learn for free. It’s also hugely interactive, with game-like lessons and loveable characters popping up along the way to help you on your language learning journey. 

With the app, you’ll be able to track your progress and it’ll help you work towards your target. From Spanish to Swedish, Scottish Gaelic to Korean, Duolingo will help you on your way to becoming bilingual in no time.

Available for Android and iOS


Forget the silly expressions you learnt in your secondary school French classes, language learning app, Babbel is designed to help you use what you’ve learnt in a real life situation. 

It’s been designed by over 100 linguists, with lessons dedicated to realistic scenarios that you can easily find yourself in. It’s all well and good being able to read in another language, but Babbel goes one step further with interactive dialogues so you can get to grips with speaking confidently. 

And don’t think you’ll have to spend hours on end with the lesson plans because the workshops are around 10-15 minutes long each. Perfect for when you’re in a rush or out-and-about too.

Available for Android and ios


Ditch the textbooks and opt for Memrise, the digital learning app that’s designed to teach you the real-life language and not the fake scenarios. 

The app has been created around three simple steps. First is learning all of the real-life words and phrases that’ll help you when you’re out exploring the country and immersing with locals. The second step helps to really immerse yourself by building real-world contexts, with videos clips from locals from the area, and the last step is to help you build up confidence too so you won’t be one of those people who end up being corrected when you venture to the country, after lockdown of course.

Available for Android and ios


Tackle that language you’ve dreamt about learning simply with Busuu. The app has been designed so that all you have to do is spend as little as ten minutes a day immersing yourself in the short classes. 

Choose from the twelve different languages, from Portuguese to Russian, Japanese to Arabic, and join the 100 million other e-learners doing the same as you. You can also upgrade from the free service to the premium to unlock extra features, including advanced grammar lessons, perfect for those thinking about studying abroad, as well as gaining the McGraw-Hill Education certification too.

Available for Android and ios


The dating app for language learners, Tandem helps you master a new language by connecting you with real people.

Once your profile is all set up, Tandem helps you find the right language exchange partner for you. You’ll be able to search by language, location, interests, and other characteristics. Once connected, you’ll be able to use the app like a typical messaging app, from audio notes to video calls. It’s never been easier to learn a new language and make new friends at the same time.

Available for Android and ios


Putting the fun into language learning is Drops, the app that’ll help you learn a new language in as little as five minutes a day. 

Once you’ve picked your new language of choice from their 39+ language selection, Drops will guide you through the basics, word by word, and help you learn new vocab through fast-paced games and mnemonic images.


We all know what the power of music can do. One simple refrain can become an earworm in your head for weeks on end… Language learning app, Lirica uses this power and helps you combat a new language in a new, refreshing way: through music. 

Through quick-fire exercises on memorable hit songs, you’ll start picking up a new language in no time at all. Languages include Spanish, English and German.

Available for Android and ios

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