When it comes to working out at the gym, the views aren’t really the main attraction. It usually comes down to the latest high quality equipment, wealth of fitness classes and their membership programme. But maybe that’s where they’re going wrong, because at Canary Wharf’s Landmark Pinnacle, the view is almost all you can think about. 

Managed by fitness company Educated Body, the newest addition to London’s skyline happens to be home to the highest gym in the UK, offering up some pretty spectacular views of the capital. I travelled up to see what it’s like to workout with such a view.

Having made my way up to the 56th floor – ears lightly popping in the process – I’m immediately blown away by the views overlooking Canary Wharf and beyond. Greeted by Joel, one of the personal trailers at Educated Body, who shows me around the gym and quickly puts me to the test on an array of the machines, weights and mattresses available. 

Packed out with the latest high tech equipment, the machines have diagrams showing you what muscles you’ll be working out, and you can scan them using the gym’s app to learn more about what areas of your body you’re working out, which is something I haven’t seen before. Perhaps the local gyms I’ve been to haven’t been high tech enough…

The Gym App allows for easy and flexible booking of sessions and classes, and unsurprisingly evening times get busy.

Perhaps the local gyms I've been to haven't been high tech enough...

The gym itself focuses on all types of training, perfect for those looking to boost their cardio, weight train or pack in a HIIT session after work. To soak up the views though, it’s the cardio machines that’ll see you take in the city skyline and vistas as your legs work out underneath you. It’s quite an experience – there’s no need for screens installed on the running machines showing Bargain Hunt or Sky News when London’s there in front of you.

The equipment was certainly high calibre, and everything felt like it deserved to be used in the UK’s highest gym. The gym itself is not enormous, but it’s big enough to hold plenty of people at a time, and it packs in plenty of exercising tools. My PT for the afternoon was super friendly and skilled, putting me through my paces. If you aren’t one for gym sessions, there are plenty of fitness classes to work up a sweat in too, from yoga and pilates to high intensity bike training and core training. 

The Landmark Pinnacle’s gym is open to residents of the building, and there’s over 800 different residential spaces within, across 75 stories. The lowest price for a property is £599,000, and includes access to the same public amenities as everyone else: unlike some other residential buildings, there’s no kind of tier system. You can find plenty more information on the gym on the building’s website.

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