6 Drinks To Make Your Next Party One To Remember

Planning a party can come with a lot of commitment. What canapés should you serve? Should you go for a colourful or neutral table setting? And, perhaps the most important factor of all, what drinks should you be serving?! Thankfully, that’s where Double Dutch comes in handy.

Meet Double Dutch, the premium mixers brand who is revolutionising the world of tonics and mixers as we know it. Created by twin founders Joyce and Raissa who grew up in the Netherlands, the birthplace of gin, they noticed a gap in the market when it came to serving up a drink that’s packed with flavour. Lovers of partying, the twins are singlehandedly hanging the way people view mixers. With drinks relying so much on the mixer as well as the alcohol, they launched a company that blends brilliant taste fusions with a focus on sustainability and fun. They are even the exclusive tonic served in Soho House globally so you know they are on to something special. 

The result? A fun way to add some spark, flavour and enjoyment back into your drink. They’ve changed the way we think about mixers, offering unexpected – yet tasty – flavour pairings, from cucumber and watermelon to pomegranate and basil, and a delicious Bloody Mary soda. If you’re the designated driver or want a night off the booze, they are get sipped solo too, making nights full of flavour even when you aren’t drinking.

Proudly female founded, Double Dutch offers a female bartending scholarship programme helping up-and-coming women strive in the industry. They have also just teamed up with Wignac, who make award-winning, premium French organic cider, to create an NFT collection with emerging hyperrealism artist Gabriella Anouk to create bespoke cocktail artwork. It features the illustrated characters of the Double Dutch Twins and Wignac’s Gypsy Fox Cider alongside the bespoke cocktail. which includes both the brands’ signature ingredients: pomegranate, basil and apples. 

Party season is upon us, and while the rain clouds might be playing havoc, we aren’t going to let them stop us from kicking off summer celebrations on the right foot. We’ve teamed up with Double Dutch to offer our readers 15% off their premium mixers.

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Read on to find out how to mix up the perfect drinks at your next summer party. 

Dutch Garden

Make this summer one to remember with an ice cold refreshing twist on your classic G&T. Expect the zingy lime to complement the light  notes from Double Dutch’s Cucumber & Watermelon Mixer. 


– 1 bottle Double Dutch Cucumber & Watermelon
– 50ml Gin of your choice
– Fresh lime juice
– Cucumber ribbons for garnish

How to make: 

Pour 50ml gin into the glass over ice. Squeeze some fresh lime juice over and top up with your Double Dutch mixer. Garnish with the cucumber ribbons.

Mediterranean Blush

For those looking for a tipple reminiscent of long lazy summers in the Med, whizz up this Mediterranean Blush to serve up at your next party. Fresh, fruity and delicious. 


– 1 bottle of Double Dutch Pomegranate & Basil
– 50ml tequila of your choice
– Fresh basil for garnish
– Strawberries for garnish

How to make:

Pour 50ml tequila into the glass over ice and top with your Double Dutch mixer. Garnish with fresh strawberries and basil.

Ginger Spice Highball 

Add some spark to your evening and mix up a fiery Ginger Spice Highball, using the Double Dutch Cranberry & Ginger mixer. 


– 1 bottle of Double Dutch Cranberry & Ginger
– 50ml spiced rum of your choice
– Fresh lime juice
– Fresh blackberries

How to make:

Pour 50ml of spiced rum into a glass over ice and squeeze in some fresh lime juice. Top up with your Double Dutch mixer and garnish with fresh blackberries to finish.

Twin & Tonic 

Keep things simple with a classic G&T garnished with a fresh juicy slice of grapefruit.


– 1 bottle of Double Dutch Indian Tonic Water
– 50ml gin of your choice
– Fresh pink grapefruit
– Juniper berries

How to make: 

Pour 50ml gin of your choice into a balloon glass with plenty of ice. Top it up with Double Dutch Indian Tonic Water and garnish with a large pink grapefruit wedge and a few juniper berries.

Chilli Margarita Spritz 

For a fiery kick, you’ll want to mix up Double Dutch’s spicy margarita spritz. Expect a combination of agave, pineapple and pink salt with a spicy kick.


– 1 bottle of Double Dutch Margarita Soda
– 50ml tequila
– 10ml agave
– Slice of pineapple
– Pink salt for the glass rim

How to make: 

Begin by brushing the rim of a glass with some pineapple juice and then dip the rim into salt. Pour 50ml tequila and 10ml agave into your glass with plenty of ice. Top up with Double Dutch Margarita Soda and stir. Garnish with a slice of pineapple.

Bloody Mary Spritz 

Taking the hangover cure to new heights, Double Dutch’s fresh take on the classic cocktail is a refreshing summer alternative.


– 1 bottle of Double Dutch Bloody Mary Soda
– 50ml vodka of your choice
– 1 celery stick for garnish
– Sprinkle of black pepper

How to make:

Heap a generous helping of ice into your rocks glass and pour over your chosen vodka spirit. Top with Double Dutch Bloody Mary Soda and stir. Garnish the drink off with a fresh celery stick and a sprinkle of black pepper.

Also available at Waitrose, Ocado and selected Tesco stores nationwide.

In partnership with Double Dutch 

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