You might have thought you had the best idea of moving out of your shared house and into your own city apartment, but one thing you probably forgot was how expensive renting (or buying, if you’re lucky!) in London actually is.

Once you’ve finally paid your deposits and moving fees, you might be staring around your new apartment realising how tiny it actually is. Crafting the perfect space while trying to elevate the size of your flat is incredibly tricky which is why we’ve put together a simple six step checklist to help you create the perfect space without cramming up your apartment.

Get Savvy With Your Storage

Let’s face it, it’s unlikely your small apartment is equipped with tonnes of storage space so you’ll need to get super savvy with what you’ve got or try to incorporate furniture pieces that have multiple uses. For instance, either ditch your TV stand altogether and mount your television on the wall or invest in a statement piece that comes equipped with nooks and cabinet or drawer space to help you cram in your wires and excess DVD collection.

The Skinny In Blush


We love these locker-style storage cases from Mustard Made. Inside, the shelving and hanging rails are all adjustable or fully removable depending on your needs. They also come in different sizes and colours depending on the size of your apartment and your suited colour.

All you need to do is pop a hanging golden pothos on top and it’ll add a quirky spot to keep your apartment tidy and cosy.

Take Advantage Of Your Wall Space

Work with the space you’re given to add your own personality and add in storage space where possible.

Grant Clothes Storage System


Sadly not all apartments are blessed with walk-in wardrobes (if any!) so a great alternative to the usual four-walled wardrobe is a clothes storage system. These help add a burst of your personality too as you fill up the wall space with your favourite fabrics and clothing pieces.

This wood-metal combo from Wayfair gives you four shelves plus a clothes rail too. It also blends into the room too, acting as a sort of wall feature. Handy.

Let Shelving Become Your Best Friend

While a few staple furniture pieces are a must, you’ll want to free up as much of your floor space as possible. Shelving is soon going to become your best friend and it needn’t look outdated and shabby either.


Price: £18.00

Hexagon Shelf

Price: £20.00 Per Hexagon

Sasha Teak Shelf


This shelving number from Tikamoon allows you to show off your favourite coffee table books or original art prints in a fun, different way. Plus, you can’t go wrong with a gold-wood combo too, these natural colours go effortlessly together.

Welcome Mirrors Into Your Home

It sounds obvious but if your room is feeling a little cramped or furniture heavy, pin a mirror up on your wall to create the illusion that your room is bigger than it is. Here are a few of our favourites that both help you out and add a statement.

Keep The Tones Neutral

Of course you still want your bright personality to shine through your home but embracing neutrals will help you out on the less cramped look. Play around with soft toned rugs and furniture, but add your personal spark through the wall art and furnishings.

Kamal Beige

Price: £50.95

Ebba Beige

Price: From £77.95

Orchid Cactus Art Print

Price: £15.00


Price: £499.00

Mama Peperomia Art Print

Price: £23.00

Round Pouffe

Price: £229.00

If In Doubt, Layer Up Your Spaces

We’re all guilty of owning one too many throws for the bed or using too many towels when we shower. There’s no harm is layering up your areas to help you add a nice cosy spot to your home. Pile the towels on one another, frame your room with extra blankets toppled on top of each other, and my favourite trick, layer your clothes in your wardrobe on the same hangers, it works a treat and saves tonnes of room!

Tiger Pink Woven Throw

Price: £139.00

Ferm Living

Price: £119.00

Pom Pom Knitted Throw

Price: £65.00

Fanø Wool Throw

Price: £39.00

Multi Tile Towel

Price: From £6.00

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