If you’re tackling Veganuary this month, you’re probably scratching your head thinking of ways that you can switch things up from the usual pasta-salad-chilli rotation. Thankfully there are some brilliant chefs, cooks and plant-based experts out there who have made things a little easier in recent years by releasing cookbooks stacked with delicious recipes. 

From twists on Nigerian classics to a cookbook rounding up all of Linda McCartney’s recipes, here are the nine best cookbooks to order and get you through the month.

Vegetarian Sheet Pan Cooking by Liz Franklin 

Finding the motivation to cook midweek is often the hardest. Thankfully Liz Franklin has made life easier with her meat-free tray bake recipe book, boasting a wealth of 101 convenient and super tasty meal ideas. 

Tuck into dishes inspired by recipes from around the world. In a matter of minutes, you’ll find yourself serving up dishes from the Mediterranean, Middle East, Africa and the Americas, as well as hearty dishes that use local and seasonal produce. Dinnertime couldn’t be easier.

£13.59 | Johnlewis.com

Mississippi Vegan Recipes & Stories from a Southern Boy’s Heart by Timothy Pakron 

Born and raised on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, Timothy Pakron’s cookbook is a homage to his upbringing and the humble cooking style he cherishes. His recipes champion and celebrate the beauty of a landscape that nurtures the likes of collards, figs, sweet potatoes, pecans, satsumas and peanuts. His recipes are simple, yet full of flavour and offer a veganised version of the dishes he grew up loving. 

Delve into Southern cuisine this January and feast on the likes of classic gumbo, sausage biscuits, zingy salads and hummingbird cake.

£29.99 | Waterstones.com

Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi 

In fairness, any of Yotam Ottolenghi’s vegetarian cookbooks would make for great inspiration this Veganuary, but we love Plenty, the cookbook that draws on an exclusive collection of recipes from his ‘The New Vegetarian’ Guardian column. 

Loved by all, Ottolenghi is renowned for his flavour combinations and nods to Mediterranean cooking. Fall back in love with each section that draws on cooking everything from pulses to roots, squashes to pasta and couscous.

John LewisVegetarian Sheet Pan Cooking

by Liz Franklin

Price: £13.59


by Yotam Ottolenghi

Price: £27

Be More Vegan by Niki Webster 

Cutting down on dairy, fish and meat can be tricky, but here to help guide you through the transition period (and beyond) is Niki Webster’s Be More Vegan cookbook. Inside this aesthetically pleasing book that wouldn’t look amiss on a coffee table, you’ll find over fifty recipes perfect for every occasion, from lunchbox saviours to midweek meals that take little preparation time. 

It’s a great one for those starting out or who just want to add some meat-free variety into their diet.

£14.99 | Waterstones.com


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Afro Vegan by Zoe Alakija

If you’re looking to expand your culinary horizons, look to Zoe Alakija’s great cookbook, Afro Vegan, for inspo. 

Alakija, a London-based cook, helps to blend the colours, tastes and textures defined by her Nigerian upbringing with contemporary British influences. It’s 100% plant-based and showcases dishes such as Loaded plantain wraps with black bean salad on top of brown rice and romaine lettuce leaves; Veggie shawarma; Hibiscus and coconut nice-cream; and coconut layer cake – yum.

Vegan JapanEasy by Tim Anderson 

Helping you to make veganised versions of your favourite Japanese dishes is Tim Anderson. From mushroom gyoza to fried tofu in dashi, cauliflower katsu curry to french onion ramen, this cookbook is stacked full of tasty modern takes on Japanese soul food. 

Anderson uses his knowledge and expertise in Japanese cooking to create recipes and modern takes on dishes that are already vegan or are so nearly vegan. You can expect all of the salty, umami flavours associated with Japanese cuisine to come to light here.

WaterstonesBe More Vegan

by Niki Webster

Price: £14.99

WaterstonesAfro Vegan

by Zoe Alakija

Price: £20

WaterstonesVegan JapanEasy

by Tim Anderson

Price: £22

Linda McCartney’s Family Kitchen by Linda McCartney with Paul, Mary & Stella McCartney

Growing up vegan, I lived on Linda McCartney’s vegan range. It wasn’t as diverse as it is nowadays but it still had a few solid contenders (notably the sausages and pies) that kept my family coming back for more. And I’d still say that they are one of my favourite vegan brands out there. 

And now, whether you’re vegan or not, we can all enjoy McCartney’s recipes at home thanks to the new cookbook, Linda McCartney’s Family Kitchen. 

McCartney started sharing her meat-free cooking around her family table over thirty years ago. Now her family, Paul, Mary and Stella, are bringing her recipes to life once more, re-inventing them for the hottest new vegan cookbook of 2021. 

Filled with stories and dishes you won’t be able to resist, this is one cookbook that might even convince your meat-loving Dad to give a plant-based diet a go.

£21.99 | Waterstones.com


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East by Meera Sodha

Meera Sodha, from the Guardian ‘New Vegan’ column, has released a cookbook that’s packed with 120 vegan and vegetarian recipes inspired by dishes from the East. Expect dishes from Thailand to Japan, India to Indonesia to come into play, raising a toast to their flavours, techniques and ingredients. 

The book is filled with ideas on how to make a chard potato and coconut curry; swede laksa; chilli tofu; and dairy free black dal. Not to mention a stunning no-churn Vietnamese coffee ice-cream.

Smith & Daughters: A Cookbook (That Happens To Be Vegan) by Shannon Martinez & Mo Wyse 

Owners of the Melbourne based restaurant, Smith & Daughters, have released a recipe book that just so happens to be vegan… The culinary creatives, Shannon Martinez and Mo Wyse, showcase their magic across seven chapters, bringing to light flavours and dishes that aren’t typically associated with vegan food. 

Read through and fall in love with dishes such as Spanish ‘meatballs’ in a saffron almond sauce; chipotle cashew ‘cheese’; ‘tuna’ and green pea croquettes; and Spanish-style doughnuts.

WaterstonesLinda McCartney’s Family Kitchen

by Linda McCartney with Paul, Mary & Stella McCartney

Price: £21.99


by Meera Sodha


WaterstonesSmith & Daughters: A Cookbook (That Happens To Be Vegan)

by Shannon Martinez & Mo Wyse

Price: £22

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