If you’re the type that goes nuts for a panelled wall, hold a deep appreciation for a good kitchen island or simply just love a nosey inside other people’s homes, Netflix is delivering on a whole host of interiors inspired content this autumn.

This time last year, the majority of us would never have dreamed of spending this much time at home, but as home becomes well, the centre of everything, we’ve become even more obsessed with interiors and design. From tear jerking makeover shows to unheard of access to some of the world’s most unique homes and design projects undertaken by some of Instagram’s most celebrated interiors gurus, these 9 interiors shows are here to satiate your addiction.

An interiors tips-filled, tearjerking bingeathon for design lovers. 

Dream Home Makeover

If you’ve long been a lover of pinning interiors inspo to your Pinterest page, you’ll probably be familiar with Studio McGee, the interior design house whose work is some of the most shared on social platforms.

Like all good things that end up trending, Netflix were keen to ride off these coattails and snapped them up for a makeover series.

The six episode series follows Studio McGee founders and husband-wife team Shea and Syd as they turn home dreams into a reality for a number of families.

It’s an interiors tips-filled, tearjerking bingeathon for design lovers.

Interior Design Masters

First shown on the BBC and presented by the much-loved Fearne Cotton comes Interior Design Masters, a classic competition-style set up that sees 10 aspiring designers take on the challenge to win a coveted, life-changing design contract.

Each episode comes with a new challenge, from making a room look sweet but not saccharine to revamping retail spaces and turning tired country cottages into bookable retreats.

Blast through all eight episodes to see who takes the crown.

Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

Japanese organising consultant, author, and TV show host, Marie Kondo gets her kicks from sorting through other people’s stuff. The now household name has become known for “sparking joy” into her clients’ lives and only recommends people hold on to their belonging if they really bring pure happiness.

In this Netflix Original series, watch Marie as she helps people have the ultimate declutter by choosing her path of joy. A must-watch for anyone with a Monica-style hidden cupboard or those who just love to nosey inside other people’s homes.


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The Home Edit

Another one for self-confessed neat freaks, The Home Edit, which is produced by Reese Witherspoon’s production company Hello Sunshine, sits somewhere between Marie Kondo and Queer Guy and is perhaps the most satisfying thing to watch on the box right now.

From reorganising one of LA’s most enviable wardrobes with Rachel Zoe to getting a Kardashian’s pantry in order, this is decluttering porn for your inner neat freak.

Guaranteed to either inspire you to get your sh*t together or make you feel utterly terrible about the sheer disorder of your home.

The Apartment

This somewhat bizarre show that sits somewhere between Changing Rooms and The X Factor, follows a host of American celebrities (we use the term celebrity loosely – not a clue who any of them are) as they battle it out to win $100,000 for a charity of their choice by undertaking a series of DIY and design tasks.

Although it’s impossibly American, floppy haired interiors regular from the ’90s, Lawrence Llwelyn-Bowen (remember him?) is one of the judges and he’s taken on a Cowell-like character. Worth a watch for that alone.

Amazing Interiors

What may look like seemingly ordinary homes from the outside are anything but when you step inside.

This Netflix series takes interiors lovers on a mind bending trip into some extraordinary homes, from a retiree who can scuba dive in an actual aquarium in her living room to the somewhat creepy life-sized doll’s house in Hollywood.

Queer Eye

Queer Eye is the kind of life affirming TV we need right now as we slide into second wave. Cosy up with the Fab Five – Bobby, Antoni, Jonathan, Karamo and Tan – as they transform someone’s life in each episode, from rebuilding their self-confidence to educating them on their diet and making over their wardrobes.

For those who love the interiors side of things, it’s Bobby Berk who goes into each guests’ homes and completely transforms them in under 48 hours.

Essentially a makeover show but one that will restore your faith in humanity. No, you’re crying.

Tiny House Nation

Londoners well acquainted with a modest square footage in their homes will be fascinated to take a look inside some of America’s tiniest homes. In a bid to upscale their lives, gain more financial freedom and live a more sustainable and simple way of life, many are downsizing their homes.

Traveling across the U.S., host John Weisbarth and expert Zack Giffin help families prepare for their tiny new lifestyle and create hyper-customised mini homes.

Stay Here

The majority of us have checked into an AirBnB somewhere along the line, but if you’re in the market to turn your bolthole into a bonafide side hustle, tune into this Netflix series.

It follows designer Genevieve Gorder and real estate expert Peter Lorimer as they show property owners how to turn their short-term rentals into moneymaking showstoppers.

The series delivers a heavy dose of interiors porn if nothing else.

If you’re in the market to turn your bolthole into a bonafide side hustle, tune into this Netflix series.

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