All We Know About Daisy Edgar-Jones’ New Film Where The Crawdads Sing

If films adapted from great books are your thing, then you’ll be interested in Where The Crawdads Sing, which is releasing later this year and stars Normal People‘s Daisy Edgar-Jones in the lead role. It follows both the childhood and young adulthood of Kya, a girl who lives in the marshes of North Carolina.

The film is being produced by Sony and Reese Witherspoon, who discovered the novel shortly after its 2018 release, and promoted it via her book club, before deciding to turn it into a film. A trailer for the film released recently, as did news that Taylor Swift will contribute a brand new film to the soundtrack. With Witherspoon, Swift and Edgar-Jones all involved, it’s beginning to create a fair amount of hype.

The main plot focuses on Kya, a young girl and woman from a strained and difficult background: her mother leaves her family when she’s only six years old, and her father is an abusive alcoholic. Her siblings also leave the family over time- though once all of them have left, her father stops his drinking habit and begins teaching her how to fish. She begins to become strongly interested in animals and their behaviour, forming one of the main themes of the book and film.

Kya is played by Daisy Edgar-Jones, one of the two breakout stars of the TV drama Normal People, and who recently starred in the dark comedy horror film Fresh. For this, she’s had to adopt a Southern accent, but based on the film’s first trailer (which you can see below) she pulls it off pretty convincingly. Jojo Regina also appears in the first look as the young version of Kya. Also in the film are up and comers Taylor John Smith as Kya’s friend Tate Walker and Harris Dickinson as Chase Andrews, who Kya forms a relationship with, alongside more seasoned actors Michael Hyatt and Jayson Warner Smith, known for their roles on The Wire and The Walking Dead, respectively.

Given the book (and film)’s basic plot and narrative, it’s best not to give away too many details and spoilers, but the basic set up sees Kya learning to fend for herself as a young child, and her struggle with entering a difficult and manipulative relationship with Chase Andrews as an adult. When Chase suddenly turns up dead while Kya is away, and she becomes the centre of an investigation and murder trial that seemingly seems to fully indicate her as at fault for his death. In the book, the timelines of her as a young child growing up and the death of Chase Andrews intertwine, so expect some jumping back and forth in the film.

The film is currently in the post-production stage, and is set to arrive in a few months in July, but given Daisy Edgar-Jones’ rising star status and the first trailer being dropped only a few days ago, buzz and anticipation is already beginning to build. It’ll have a cinema release when it comes out, though there’s no word on where it’ll end up when it comes to streaming. Given the shots in the trailer of the atmospheric marsh landscape though, this will probably be worth seeing in a cinema.

And a crawdad, if you’re wondering, is a regional name for crayfish.


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