From classic concoctions served in elegant establishments to innovative blends crafted by pioneering mixologists, London’s bars and restaurants offer a plethora of well-crafted cocktails.

For World Cocktail Day [13th May, 2024], we’re taking a look at new cocktail menus and classics that we know and love across London and shortlisted a few of our favourites. From botanicals that are infused, distilled or smoked to drinks that somehow manage to fly, there’s no shortage of theatrics in London’s best cocktails. Here are our picks of cocktails in London from the weird to the wonderful:


Nestled below street level on the corner of St. James’s Street and Piccadilly, Mistress of Mayfair is a discrete and exclusive bar that’s dressed in sultry reds and plush velvet.

The Cherrywood cocktail here is just as hedonistic as its ambience. Made with Chivas 12YO, Hennessy VS, Freud whisky, Luxardo cherry syrup and chocolate bitters, it’s a cocktail made for nights of indulgence.

where: Mistress of Mayfair

Love Potion

Created by in-house mixologist George Tsoukas, Lio London has a cocktail menu that is inspired by the theme “Besos, Beats and Beauties.”

Our pick from the menu is a cocktail that’s as floral as the season, the Love Potion, made with Casamigos Reposado tequila accompanied by fig and cranberry. Careful, you might just fall in love.

where: Lio london, Leicester Square

Banana | Cocoa Butter

For those moments in life when you want dessert but you also want a really nice old-fashioned, there’s the Banana | Cocoa Butter.

Exquisitely presented, this cocktail is rich, creamy, and made with Belgian white chocolate, smoked whisky, and homemade caramel. This one is essentially dessert in a glass for adults.

Where: silverleaf, pan-pacific london

The Levitating One

The cocktail menu at The Alchemist is full of potions that bubble, steam and even… levitate?

Made with Johnnie Walker Blue Label, Regal Rogue Wild Rosé, vermouth, Akashi plum sake and Muyu Vetiver, this cocktail is The Alchemist’s first levitating drink. (It literally floats in the air when served). Although we have yet to see it in action, this one makes the list for the theatrics.

Where: the alchemist, across london


BÓHA London, a restaurant and 1920s-themed speakeasy, offers world-class cocktails crafted by expert mixologists.

Our pick from the menu is the stunning Jealousy. Made from slow serve tequila mixed with homemade raspberry syrup before mixing with bergamot liqueur, lime juice, grapefruit, egg white and Mijenta Blanca tequila, this one’s a definite crowd pleaser.

where: BÓHA London, Chelsea

Golden Hands

Quaglino has a new cocktail menu that is rooted in nostalgia and pays homage to the venue’s history. The “Back to the Origins” cocktail menu is a journey through time and taste, and is all about glimpsing into the past while embracing the present.

Our pick from the menu is Golden Hands, a cocktail made of pure Scott Signature 106 whisky, Muyu Jasminie Verte liqueur, lychee, jasmine tea syrup and orange, cherry and whisky barrel bitters.

Where: Quaglino, st james

Dream Catcher

The New York Bar has a menu of expertly crafted cocktails, tasting experiences and live music. Expect classic drinks, modern infusions and some theatre on your table with their artfully designed creations.

Our pick from the menu is the Dream Catcher, made with Chase Oak smoked vodka, white sherry, hibiscus concentrated tea, Italicus Bergamot liquor and cedarwood smoke.

Website: rubenshotel.coM

Smokey Blueberry Tequila

Hokus Pokus boasts of an artfully curated collection of botanical-infused cocktails which are quite adept at casting a spell on all those who venture here.

An unmissable cocktail served by this underground apothecary bar is the Smokey Blueberry Tequila. You would expect it to be fruity and sweet but it is quite the opposite. With just a hint of blueberries, there’s a strong tequila flavour that makes it a great choice for those who are really passionate about getting their tequila right.

Where: Hokus Pokus, king’s cross

Tiramisu Martini

A subterranean speakeasy whose cocktails are all about telling stories, Sotto Bar is an underground late-night bar where the heart of Italy meets the art of mixology.

We’ve got our eyes on the Tiramisu Martini here, a re-imagined espresso martini made with vodka, dark chocolate and vanilla, then stirred down and poured through a tiramisu frappe. Another stellar dessert in a glass, this one’s great if you’re craving something chocolatey.

Where: Sotto Bar, Soho

Boulevard of Desire

A popular spot for connoisseurs and gourmands, Bar Antoine encourages leaving your troubles at the door and enjoying the delicious experience presented here.

One for the gin drinkers is the Boulevard of Desire, which combines Angel’s Envy bourbon, Bombay Sapphire gin and Campari with hazelnut, mushrooms and white port.

Where: Bar Antoine, mayfair

Pisco Sour

At Lima, the menu celebrates the best of Peruvian cuisine, and this extends from the food to the drinks.

Lima’s Pisco Sour is quite the legend in the city. Creamy and with the perfect balance of sweet and sour, Lima breathes new life into this traditional Peruvian drink. Made from blending pisco, lime juice, egg white and Angostura Bitters, it makes the ideal spring pour.

Where: Lima, Fitzrovia

BBQed Presidente

At The Cavendish Pub, there are classic cocktails, artisanal spirits and wines to choose from, but we couldn’t help but look at one particular cocktail twice.

The BBQed Presidente has got perhaps the most eclectic assortment of ingredients we’ve ever seen. Combining discarded banana rum, strawberry liquor and liquid smoke with a garnishing of…crispy chicken skin, it’s something worth trying for the adventurous ones.

Where: The Cavendish Pub, Marylebone

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