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By Patrick Dunne | 18th November 2023
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As the evenings get shorter, you often find yourself being plunged into darkness long before returning home to the office. This takes a toll on culinary inspiration, and makes finding a supermarket pizza or taking out a small mortgage to get a take-away ever more tempting. Thankfully, there are people who have dedicated their lives to creating quick, delicious and – most importantly – easy recipes to reinvigorate kitchens around the country. From well-known chefs to baking specialists, here are seven foodie Instagrams you should follow.


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1. Nigella Lawson

Best for: Recipes that work every-time

Food writer, Television personality, Chef, Critic, Author, National Treasure – if you aren’t already following Nigella Lawson , please don’t invite me over to sample your cooking: no good can come from it.

Thankfully, you can rectify this immediately, and thus secure my acceptance of your invitation. You shouldn’t need it, but let me list off some of her recipes to p̶e̶r̶s̶u̶a̶d̶e̶  force you to follow; chocolate guinness cake, coca-cola ham, fish finger bhorta, sweet potato macaroni cheese, Corsican omelette, salty peanut chocolate chip cookies…


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2. Stanley Tucci

Best for: Italian food made by a very handsome man

Tucci’s performance in The Devil Wears Prada alone grants him life-time international treasure status, but when lockdown started he decided to give the people what they wanted during our most acute time of need. What began as a viral Negroni recipe spiralled into a cookbook, a culinary travel show through Italy, and an instagram feed full of Tucci being the most charismatic chef imaginable. 

Of course, due to his background Italian cuisine is heavily (exclusively?) featured, but that just adds to the charm offensive.


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3. Nadiyaj Hussain

Best for: Delicious, outside the box baking recipes

The Great British Bake Off is back, and with that comes the yearly spurt of baking inspiration for all of us. For those who have tried to bake off instinct alone, you’ll know how desperately some guidance is needed (unless you’re a baking prodigy, in which case go and sign yourself up to next year’s Bake Off series).

One account that should be influencing your is from Nadiyaj Hussain, winner of the 6th series of Bake Off, who’s baking has gone from strength to strength and can now be found on BBC. Hussain incorporates her British and Bangladeshi background to create delicious sweet and savoury treats, like cardamom milk-soaked traybake and paneer and chilli bread loaf. 


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4. Gordon Ramsay

Best for: Varied recipes and brutal takedowns

The omni-present Chef, Tv Star, Entrepreneur and, to my mind, most likely UK celebrity to run for Prime Minister, is of course a big player in the online-food influencer game. With a whopping 15 million followers, Ramsay has a fair claim to be the most popular insta-chef on earth. 

From recipes by the chefs at his (many) restaurants, from Ramsay himself, to his always entertaining roasts of the questionable dishes his followers send, for a man who has so much going on he has no business spending this much time on social media, but we’re thankful he does.


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5. Minimalist Baker

Best for: Simplified baking recipes

Baking can be a stressful experience, can’t it? There’s so many ingredients, no room for getting any measurements wrong, and the looming threat that you might substitute in corn flour instead of caster sugar rendering three hours-work completely and utterly futile. 

If this sounds like you, you need to follow the Minimalist Baker. The clue is in the name; this is baking, but easier, and with less ingredients and general paraphernalia. They just had “pumpkin week” on their page, so prepping for Halloween has never been easier. 


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6. Max La Manna

Best for: Healthy recipes that are good for the planet

You know those impeccably lit, impossibly cheery guys that started popping up all over your social feeds with recipe videos filmed with break-neck editing and colourful dishes? Max La Manna was one of the first to do it. 

With a focus on zero-waste recipes, La Manna aims to make cooking be as fun and as easy as humanly possible, which are the sort of ones we need now that it gets dark after 6 o’clock. From hot cross buns and leftover smoothies to vegan pancakes, these are guilt free and delicious.


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7. Kevin Curry

Best for: Guilt free recipes that aren’t lacking

We love to eat indulgently as much as the next person, but sometimes nothing feels better than cooking a healthy dinner/breakfast/lunch. Specialising in breaking down simple, delcious and easily replicated recipes to over one million followers is Kevin Curry, aka. Fitmencook. 

The food is healthy, and anything but boring – Curry emphasises the importance of spice and flavour, which means your go-to healthy meal no longer has to be chicken breast, broccoli and steamed rice on repeat. Think  fire salmon with chilled mango and avocado quinoa, 20-minute green chilli chicken and white bean soup, and peanut butter rame

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