As soon as the warmer weather hits, you know what it’s time for: ice cream. It’s creamy, it’s irresistible and it becomes your best friend in the balmy, summer weather. For vegans though, there hasn’t always been a whole lot of options. That is, until now. Because just like the rest of the vegan food market is booming, so is its ice cream range. 

We’ve undertaken the arduous task of sampling all of the best vegan ice cream ranges and picked out our favourite posh’uns. Read on to uncover a new ice cold treat to enjoy this week.


Over the last year we’ve seen loads of ice cream brands introducing a vegan ice cream into their range, but one brand that really steals the show is Jude’s. Made in the South Downs, the family-run company might not be a fully vegan brand but they certainly know how to create an ice cream that’s both creamy and fully plant-based. 

Available to buy from most supermarkets and their own online store, Jude’s boasts some seriously delicious flavours you won’t be able to resist. You’ll find vegan vanilla bean, chocolate brownie, honeycomb, chocolate, cookie dough brownie, but our favourite from the range is the vegan salted caramel. It’s oat based and swirled with caramel and cinder toffee pieces tucked inside.


Hear them roar… For a truly indulgent warm weather saviour, look to plant-based ice cream pioneers ROAR. Made from real and raw ingredients, the ice cream is super rich and feels far more expensive than its price tag. 

The ROAR team have worked incredibly hard to get creative with their flavours and reap all of the benefits and flavours out of the natural ingredients sourced. Expect to be tucking into tubs of salted caramel and macadamia; hemp seed chocolate brownie; coconut mango passion fruit oat cookie; and hazelnut chocolate cookie. 

Pick up a tub from your local supermarket and you’ll never go back to own brand again. 


Thanks to cashews’ super high fat content, these wonder nuts make for a seriously creamy product. And that’s why Booja-Booja use the natural ingredient to make their deliciously smooth plant-based ice creams. 

All vegan and organic, the award-winning Booja-Booja ice creams come in eight moreish flavours. From honeycomb caramel to raspberry ripple, you are guaranteed to find a flavour to your liking.

Perfect World

Could this be the world’s healthiest ice cream that’s still absolutely delicious? Quite possibly. Perfect World is made with no added sugar or dairy, but still manages to lock in all of the flavour you want from an ice cream, plus a whole host of added nutrition. In short, it’s ice cream you won’t feel guilty eating. 

Available via Ocado, Perfect World boasts a whole range of flavours from double choc chip to caramel pecan, but the one that sold itself to us was the pistachio. It’s so rare to find one that’s vegan but it was certainly worth the wait. 


The Cornish do a lot of things right and high up there on the list is ice cream. For a vegan alternative to the creamy, clotted cream churned summertime refreshment, it’s got to be Cecily’s. 

The passion project of Cornish native Cecily (clue’s in the name really), this dairy-free ice cream is made ‘with Cornish soul’ and uses coconut cream to give it that smooth finish. Now six years since launching and seven stunning flavours later, the ice cream is available to purchase via M&S and Ocado. 

Stand out flavours include mint chocolate chip; choc orange swirl; and the classic, rum ‘n raisin. Make sure you try the vanilla and dark choc lovely little bites – these are great for snacking throughout the afternoon.

Swedish Glace

We’ll always try to hunt down independent brands, especially when it comes to food, but Swedish Glace definitely deserves an honorary mention, despite being owned by the ice cream giant corporation, Walls. 

They’ve been fuelling hungry vegans for decades now, serving up some of the smoothest and most dairy-like non dairy ice cream. From vanilla to raspberry (this is super sweet and delicious), Swedish Glace really hit the nail with their soy-based ice cream range. The caramel cones are also worth trying.

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